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Beyond Size and Sector

There are actually websites out there that recommend ERP software based on some very basic information about a company. Enter your sector and organization size, and ‘poof,’ the right software offerings magically appear. Are they serious?

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Data Migration: Know Your Route Before You Fly

There’s so much to consider when implementing a new ERP system that data migration sometimes gets pushed aside as an afterthought to be dealt with when the implementation gets underway. Big mistake. An organization’s ERP system is only as effective as the data that drives it. That’s the power of ERP, isn’t it? Data shared throughout the enterprise making connections, improving efficiency, etc. There are several benefits of giving data its fair share of attention when preparing for implementation.

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Keys To Employee Adoption

The best ERP software in the world doesn’t operate by itself. Rather, the value of a software solution depends directly upon how well a company’s employees use the system to efficient and effectively accomplish their jobs. Therefore, the success of a company’s implementation of a new ERP solution depends directly upon how earnestly its employees adopt the system. Here are some ways to ensure that employees embrace the change that comes from moving to a new ERP implementation.

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Maximize ROI With An End-To-End Consultant

Selecting and implementing a new ERP system is a major investment for organizations big and small. Software vendors all pitch their product as the best way for a business to become more profitable. But in the end, it isn’t the shiniest bells and whistles that are important, but rather the solution that provides the best return on the significant investment put forth in implementing an ERP system. To accomplish that goal, a business should go with an ERP consultant who offers end-to-end services that reach beyond simply choosing a software package.

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Finding an ERP Consultant Who Provides Global Support Services

Selecting and implementing an ERP system is no small task. While some companies attempt to successfully implement an ERP solution relying solely on its internal resources, many turn to qualified ERP consultants who have proven their ability to maximize return on investment and give companies a competitive edge. When choosing a consultant, the focus tends to be on the immediate selection and implementation process, but a company should also consider a consultant’s ability to continue to add value down the road through global support services.

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Anytime is the Right Time for Fit-Gap Analysis

A fit-gap analysis allows an organization to assess how current business processes and workstreams are meeting its business requirements. A fit-gap analysis during the selection phase of a new ERP solution allows an organization to discover which processes are lacking in the current system, but also sheds light on potential gaps between current processes that are working and the proposed software package. As such, a fit-gap analysis is widely recognized as a crucial stage in selecting and successfully implementing a new ERP system.

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Making The Most Of An Evaluation Period

Selecting the right ERP software solution is crucial to the success and productivity of a business. Often times a search for the right ERP package involves an evaluation period during which various vendors are invited to present how their software offering best fits a business and will accomplish a great return on investment. While the end goal, of course, is to purchase and implement the best software solution, the evaluation period can bring additional benefits to a business along the way.

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Reporting Functionality Is Key To Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence includes collecting and organizing data from your ERP system to make insightful business decisions. These days, every ERP solution collects and stores a massive amount of data, but if that data cannot be accessed by people in intelligent ways, then the power of the information is limited. So how do the decision makers get the information they need? Reports generated from the ERP database present information in a manner that makes the most sense to the business user.

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How Mobility Can Transform Customer Engagement

In March 2006, the Advertising Research Foundation released its first definition of the term “customer engagement.” The ARF defined the phrase as “turning on a prospect to a brand idea enhanced by the surrounding context.” Since March 2006, the definition of customer engagement has undergone further refinement. What has also become clear in the past several years is that enterprise mobility plays an important role in customer engagement.

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Increase Visibility To Maximize the Power of ERP Data

When a small manufacturing business first gets started, the employees are usually tight-knit enough to exchange information “informally” by asking the appropriate knowledge expert. In fact, this type of direct request may be the only method of collecting the information if it is stored differently than your own domain-specific information. For example, accounts receivable may keep information in a set of Excel files, while Sales keeps theirs in a proprietary software program. As an organization grows, the need to be able to view data throughout the business in real-time becomes crucial.

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