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Innovation is Everywhere and Anywhere

Miriam and Gerry are receiving clerks. They are no different from millions of us who work hard and are underpaid. Their job only has visibility when something has gone wrong. Many days they will work hard all day and none of the higher-ups even know they were at work.

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ERP Quality Control: 5 Common Wrenches in the Works

Just about any of today’s ERP systems will have a quality management component included. Set up properly, they provide a source of data to satisfy the needs of your business and the needs of your customers. But used incorrectly, an ERP quality module can throw a wrench into the works.

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Another Look at the Future of ERP

Hello, I am Fred. I have worked here at XYZ Company a long time. Will and I started the same day. Will says the new ERP has made his work in welding more efficient and helps eliminate mistakes that caused people from accounting to visit and ask why he used some part he has never seen. I like it too. I think I am more efficient now but what I really like is that I can connect from anywhere and no matter when, I can save my thoughts and actions right to the system.

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Tomorrow's Manufacturing ERP

Good morning. My name is Will and the boss asked me to say a little about our new manufacturing ERP system. Since I started working here at XYZ Manufacturing in 1985 we have changed or upgraded our internal systems a couple of times. This is the first one that really made a difference where I work - in welding. I guess the others helped in the office but mostly that did not affect me.

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ERP Systems and the Tower of Babel

As the story goes, once upon a time there were people who wanted to build a grand tower at Babel. But as we know, those people were never able to finish the project because of communications problems.

Millennia later we still have communications failures. Sometimes they stop big projects and often they just interfere with day-to-day business.

But why is this going on when we have technological advancements and enterprise business systems that are supposed to cure all ills?

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Getting Lean with ERP

Organizations of every kind want to get lean. Adding value, eliminating waste, and automating are some current buzzwords. ERP, on the other hand, is sometimes considered a necessary evil or even a creator of waste. But these two disciplines can get along quite nicely as complementary tools in our toolbox.

The best definitions of lean consider it to be an endless cycle. We identify value and define it in terms of value to our customer. We map the value stream; we identify all the activities that create value and place them along the stream of our processes. We create flows where our products and services move easily from one step to the next. We establish pulls; nothing is completed and passed along the stream until the downstream operation is ready to receive. We seek perfection, practicing every step until it is automatic and eliminating any unnecessary steps. Then we do it all over again.

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Make An ERP System Fit Your Business, Not Vice-Versa

The decision is made: you need a new business suit. You contact suitmakers to present why their suit is best and how great you’ll look in it. One outfitter is particularly persuasive, and you make your purchase. When the suit arrives, it is two sizes too big. A phone call to the company reveals a nasty little secret – their clothes only come in one size. The customer service rep suggests you solve the problem by gaining 25 pounds.

Now imagine you’ve made a significant investment on an ERP system only to find out the software company expects your company to “gain 25 pounds” to fit the system. The analogy is particularly apt because the wrong ERP system can impose functionality that forces you to expand business processes to get the job done.

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Avoid User Workarounds

Employees trying to complete their daily tasks in the most efficient manner possible. A positive for an organization, right?

Of course, but red flags go up when employees start implementing their own workarounds to the organization’s ERP system. What the employee sees as bright ‘tips and tricks’ to share with co-workers can actually hurt the organization in the long run.

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Systems Integration with Merit Solutions

The needs of IT are changing - and industry leaders are beginning to see IT as an enabler of business performance. This transition has created more complex challenges for CIOs as they look for ways to create the highest value for customers through greater flexibility and faster technology innovation.

Social connectedness, mobile devices, and growing opportunities for interaction “any time any place” have changed the way people live and work. They require anywhere, in-context collaboration services that link the right people, in the right place, in the right context, at the right time, across multiple channels of communications.

Yet years of growth and global expansion through acquisitions and new market opportunities have left many enterprises with manufacturing, distribution, accounting, customer service, sales and procurement operations that are being run on disparate legacy business systems. These systems are highly inefficient, expensive to support and maintain, and lack visibility into the global business data companies need to make quick, informed decisions.

Learn about how Systems Integration can help you maximize the return on your IT investments and enable you to flow more value to your customers.