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Risks Associated with ERP Implementations

Modern day ERP solutions merge data, technology and business operations.

Implementing these systems are a huge undertaking and because of all the moving parts, there are risks associated with this type of project and if they are ignored - there is a good chance that the implementation will fail. For most, these risks are manageable if they are known ahead of time. Identifying what problems may arise and addressing them early will certainly help mitigate them before they become a point of failure for your project.

But just what are some of the common risks you may encounter?

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Choosing the Right ERP Implementation Partner

Research from Gartner shows ERP implementation failure rates at anywhere between 55 and 75 percent. That may not appear to be too promising for someone who looking to kick off a new ERP project in their organization. Yet while these numbers may be a bit discouraging, if you look at the reasons why so many of these implementation projects fail you can see that most problems can be avoided if the right implementation partner was brought on board from the beginning. Finding the right partner, however, may seem like a task comparable to finding the right ERP vendor. The process can be a bit easier if you know what to look for.

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Tips for Securing Your ERP Solution

The implementation of an enterprise resource planning solution in your organization comes with many benefits. Most companies boast standardized processes across the business, improved visibility, lower operating costs and of course easier access to data and improved analytics. However, harnessing the power of an ERP system also means you need to take additional security precautions. Steps need to be taken to secure the data that makes your ERP solution such a valuable tool; and because it becomes such an important part of your business - attackers may try to take it down in order to disrupt your business operations.

To protect sensitive information, many businesses and industries are subject to certain legal regulations and/or compliance requirements. However, these do not help increase security; they merely serve to ensure you are taking the necessary steps to protect the data behind your ERP and other software.

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Evaluating an ERP Solution: Your Business Processes

All too often, an enterprise resource planning solution is purchased and the business adapts its processes to work within its boundaries. This could very well be one of the main reasons why, according to Gartner, between 55 and 74 percent of ERP implementations fail.

Rather than purchasing a tool that isn’t right for your business needs, and conforming to it; shouldn’t you be looking for a vendor that offers a solution that you can configure to meet your needs? Of course, but that means that you need to first understand your own business processes and how your ERP solution will interact with them.

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5 Benefits to Cloud Based ERP Solutions

There was a time when businesses avoided cloud-based solutions at all costs.

Over time, however, people began to realize that moving data and applications to a reputable cloud vendor wouldn’t trigger a series of catastrophic events that they once feared. Once early adopters reported how satisfied they were with their decision to utilize the cloud, other businesses began to take notice and it became a serious option for most technical solutions. Nowadays, statistics show that of the 87 percent of small to medium sized businesses who have adopted cloud-based services, 43 percent wish that they had made the move sooner.

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Signs It Is Time For a New ERP Solution

According to a Panorama ERP study, 61.1 percent of all ERP implementations take longer than expected and 74.1 percent exceed their allotted budget. When you look at numbers like these the thought of updating your existing ERP solution is almost frightening. However, when we snap back into reality we realize that at some point in time every enterprise grade application is going to come to an end of its lifecycle; and your ERP solution is no different.

The question becomes, when do we know when it is time to upgrade our existing software and take on the project of implementing something new?

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Beyond Size and Sector

There are actually websites out there that recommend ERP software based on some very basic information about a company. Enter your sector and organization size, and ‘poof,’ the right software offerings magically appear. Are they serious?

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Data Migration: Know Your Route Before You Fly

There’s so much to consider when implementing a new ERP system that data migration sometimes gets pushed aside as an afterthought to be dealt with when the implementation gets underway. Big mistake. An organization’s ERP system is only as effective as the data that drives it. That’s the power of ERP, isn’t it? Data shared throughout the enterprise making connections, improving efficiency, etc. There are several benefits of giving data its fair share of attention when preparing for implementation.

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Keys To Employee Adoption

The best ERP software in the world doesn’t operate by itself. Rather, the value of a software solution depends directly upon how well a company’s employees use the system to efficient and effectively accomplish their jobs. Therefore, the success of a company’s implementation of a new ERP solution depends directly upon how earnestly its employees adopt the system. Here are some ways to ensure that employees embrace the change that comes from moving to a new ERP implementation.

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Maximize ROI With An End-To-End Consultant

Selecting and implementing a new ERP system is a major investment for organizations big and small. Software vendors all pitch their product as the best way for a business to become more profitable. But in the end, it isn’t the shiniest bells and whistles that are important, but rather the solution that provides the best return on the significant investment put forth in implementing an ERP system. To accomplish that goal, a business should go with an ERP consultant who offers end-to-end services that reach beyond simply choosing a software package.

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