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Microsoft Dynamics AX Mobile

Whether you are ready to embrace it or not – we live in a mobile society. But are you ready to take Microsoft Dynamics AX Mobile?

It is important that executives today do not underestimate the value of giving all employees, partners, and customers anytime-anywhere connectivity to your business.

According to an Aberdeen Group report, Mobility and BPM Responsiveness, the top drivers for mobility initiatives include:

  1. Operational efficiency needs to improve.
  2. Employee-facing mobile apps provide competitive differentiation.
  3. Want to accelerate time-to-decision making.
  4. Workforce productivity needs to increase.
  5. Increasingly mobile workforce.
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Attending DevReach2012

Merit Solutions is highly devoted to investing in our employees, providing educational opportunities that enable all team members to improve their skills / talent and follow the latest industry trends. All team members are encouraged to attend trainings and conferences, take exams and earn valuable certification in their respective fields.

As an example of this commitment, this year, a couple of our engineers working with industry-leading technologies attended DevReach 2012, the premier developer conference in Central and Eastern Europe. For the 7th time in a row, Telerik, Microsoft, and other valued partners organized this renowned conference which concentrates on developers and testers.

Many prominent speakers presented more than 60 sessions on the following topics:

  • Cloud
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Architecture
  • Agile & Testing

Our engineers had the opportunity to share ideas and knowledge and to discuss current projects with top industry experts and came back energized and with plenty of new skills and ideas.

To find out more about DevReach, visit

MAXCloud: Cloud ERP for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Rapid globalization, demanding customers and shareholders, and intense competition are challenging today’s organizations like never before. As a result, decision makers are increasingly looking to technology to overcome these formidable business issues. To maximize the business value of IT investments, organizations need to choose solutions, business models, and IT platforms that meet their business needs today and yet are flexible, agile, and forward-looking enough to meet their requirements tomorrow.

Welcome to MAXCloud ERP - the number one Microsoft Dynamics AX Cloud ERP solution for managing your business in the cloud.

Whether you need core Finance and Accounting software or end-to-end Cloud ERP business management solutions, MAXCloud ERP enables your people to access critical business data, from anywhere, at any time - with the click of a button - while improving competitiveness and speeding growth.

Implementing a new ERP solution is an investment in your business. And even though new ERP has been proven to add value, most companies fear taking away their “tried and true” ways of working. Employees are used to working in disparate systems, re-entering manual data, using Excel to “patch” gaps, and waiting for responses to business-critical information. We often overlook the cost-implications of these time-consuming tasks, and instead focus on “what’s worked for years”. And in our fast-paced world, time means money...

So how can you ensure that your ERP project delivers rapid value? And how do you maximize the return on that investment?

First, you need to keep your upfront costs low by choosing a comprehensive, integrated solution offered with subscription based pricing and fixed price packaged services. And that’s what you get when you choose MAXCloud for Microsoft Dynamics AX! MAXCloud delivers built-in, flexible functionality that provides business value now and into the future. It simplifies your business processes with a single enterprise solution that connects financials, manufacturing, supply chain, sales and marketing, project management, human resources, and services information. It improves productivity by providing your employees with familiar, easy-to-use tools that work like and with Microsoft Office. Plus, it is flexible and easily customizable, enabling you to adapt to growth and change.

Next, you need to streamline processes and optimize the software - ensuring that your ERP solution meets all of your unique business needs. For this, you need to work with the experts - people with years of hands-on experience managing hundreds of ERP implementations - not just cheap software engineers and flashy sales representatives. You need a Partner that is committed to your success - a Partner that understands who you are, how you work, and what makes your company unique. And they need to be able to provide high value and high quality services. These are the experts you get when you work with Merit Solutions!

Finally, you need a rapid deployment and fixed price implementation services designed to speed time to value and maximize return on investment - while minimizing the risk to your organization. The Merit Solutions Rapid On implementation methodology reduces the cost, complexity, and time required to realize the benefits of your ERP investment. Every project is managed against a clearly defined scope, with a fixed, affordable price. We are the only Microsoft Dynamics AX Partner to offer our customers predictable results at a predictable cost - reducing your risk and setting your business up for success. Either way, your MAXCloud ERP project will follow a clear, predictable, and cost effective plan.

You can learn more about MAXCloud and our Rapid On Implementation Services by visiting our Cloud ERP Software website.

By investing in MAXCloud with Merit Solutions, you give your business the software it needs to succeed - and you get a partner that’s invested in your success!