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Custom Android Navigation Drawer Items in Xamarin

Android navigation drawer is a handy tool for displaying menus and navigation items. More often than not, those navigation items need to have a specific look and feel, other than the default textual display. In this example, the navigation drawer is consisted of an icon and a text description.

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Mobility and the Digital Transformation

At the end of 2013, Ted Shelton, an executive at Cognizant, wrote about what he dubbed “the digital transformation.” Shelton defined the digital transformation as how organizations must re-evaluate their activities based on the capabilities of information technology. Information technology allows us to do ever more with fewer resources. One of the driving forces behind this evolution is enterprise mobility.

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Android App Localization Using Xamarin Forms and resx

If you are developing Android mobile applications, chances are that you are going to need some kind of localization and internationalization. And if you are targeting multiple mobile platforms - you would most likely prefer to do that job in one place.

The use of Xamarin Forms, PCL projects and paradigms such as MVVM allow for a great code sharing between all the different platform projects. Ideally our solution for localization:

  • Should be based on resource files
  • Resource files should be maintained in only one project

Here is when resx files come into the game. Resx is very simple and powerful resource management solution, where you can add or remove string, image, audio and video effortlessly.

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Using Xamarin’s Signature Pad in Android apps

Xamarin’s Signature Pad control makes adding, changing, opening and saving signatures much easier. This example will show how to do basic operations like loading a signature from an array of points, saving a signature as an array of bytes, and exporting users' signatures as an image.

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Microsoft Enables Connected Organizations

Today’s social connectedness, mobile devices, and growing opportunities for interaction “any time any place” have changed the way many live and work. People are increasingly dependent on connections across the global network—interlocked in this connected reality.

Modern business solutions not only connect people inside and outside the organization, they also give them context and insight which drives better decisions and boosts productivity. An important part of Microsoft’s mission is to drive connections with people, with customers and with business partners across processes, data and the ecosystem in which organizations operate. This commitment to connected organizations includes the vision of anywhere, in-context collaboration services that links people and companies to the right people in the right place, in the right context, at the right time, across multiple avenues of communications. Microsoft business solutions include everything from email to voice to video to presence to social – all designed with a singular goal of giving people and organizations more effective ways of:

  • Leveraging the exploding number of channels to connect with customers at the time and place of their choosing;
  • Creating an inclusive, listening organization by extending collaboration scenarios that exist internally to include customers;
  • Evolving from an organization that engages with individual customers to one that leverages the crowd to benefit the brand

Microsoft’s commitment to connected organizations is about removing the impediments that generate friction within the organization and providing people with a broader array of insights and actions across internal and external connections. With greater transparency, agility, and insight, people can make better, more informed decisions, and transform their organization into a Dynamic Business.

It is the impassioned individual equipped with the right tools that enables companies to stay ahead of the competition in this world of constant change. Microsoft transforms organizations into Dynamic Businesses that enable people to do their best work no matter where they are in the organization. We are already seeing the impact as customers make the transformation, and Microsoft is committed to delivering modern business solutions, built using the broad portfolio of Microsoft technology, with intentional simplicity as a core design element. The solutions are innovative, proactive business applications that help users work in new, more effective ways. Moreover, they deliver tools for a connected organization to drive data to insight to action any time anywhere, with the flexibility to deploy and consume business workloads and suites in a way that delivers on today’s needs while also providing the ultimate flexibility necessary to be ready for the future.