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Mobility and e-Commerce: Perfect Together

Does your company have separate teams for digital marketing and branding as well as for e-Commerce? If it does, it joins the ranks of many other firms who rely on the exact same arrangement. However, just because it’s a common situation doesn’t mean that it’s the best idea.

Why is it a good idea to combine the digital marketing and branding department with the division that handles e-Commerce? They perform two completely separate activities, right? Actually, marketing, branding, and e-Commerce dovetail quite nicely. So, it makes sense that they should be working closely.

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What Are the Two Things That Protect Your Mobile Network?

What if you could prevent threats from destroying your network? You would jump at the chance to keep one of your most important assets safe, wouldn’t you? There are many IT professionals who understand the necessity of protecting their computer networks. However, it might not occur to them that they need to shield their mobile networks, too.

When it comes to mobile network protection, there are two components: technological and human. Read on to learn how these complementary factors are vital to safeguarding mobile networks.

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Survey: Life Sciences Industry Mobile Adoption

Merit Solutions is interested in feedback on the prevalence of mobile software solutions within the Life Sciences Industry. We would like to better understand the views of executives in the Life Sciences industry in order to discover the trends and adoption of mobility in highly regulated organizations.

This survey has 10 questions and takes less than 5 minutes. As a token of appreciation for your time, the first 150 qualified responses will receive a $15 Amazon gift card.

The survey can be accessed two ways:

Because we highly value your candid input, your answers will be treated as strictly confidential and your name / email will only be used to send your gift card after survey completion. No information you provide will be shared with any partner in any form.

All respondents will also be sent a summary of the responses upon survey close.

Mobile Application Specifics and Testing Checklist

Mobile application testing represents a great challenge nowadays. Lots of factors has to be considered and it is critical to ensure that clients have a positive experience when they use the mobile applications. Keeping in mind that the customers do not want to be treated like guinea pigs is essential. When they find a flaw, you’ll never hear a word from them and they certainly won’t come back.

In Merit Solutions, we use our own mobile application testing checklist when testing our mobile applications. The list below is its general representation and we use it in order to ensure the highest quality to our clients. The list does not include security checks, since this is a very wide and important area of testing which surely deserves separate article.

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How to Make the Mobile Mind Shift

Millions of consumers around the world have done it. In your personal life, you’ve most likely done it, too. You’ve made the mobile mind shift.

What is the mobile mind shift?

The mobile mind shift is the expectation that you can get the information you want immediately with the aid of a mobile device. In order to stay relevant and competitive, businesses need to make the mobile mind shift, too.

So how can your company leverage the mobile mind shift? Read on to learn more.

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How Mobility Can Transform the Global Enterprise

Mobile technologies are transformative in nature. Just look at our personal lives – our smartphones and tablets have changed the way we communicate, the way we shop, the way we search, and the way we learn. It should come as no surprise that mobility can revolutionize businesses, especially companies with a global reach. Read on to learn how mobility can transform the global enterprise.

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Enterprise Mobile Device Trends in 2015

The year is only half over at this point, but it’s fair to say that some clear trends in the enterprise mobility space have emerged. Vendors and consulting firms have already carried out research about the mobile device trends that are shaping the enterprise in 2015 – read on to learn more about how they’ll affect your company.

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How to Speed up Xamarin.Forms UI Development Process Using Xamarin Forms Player

If you are using Xamarin.Forms to develop a UI for your mobile app, then you probably feel crippled by the lack of a designer. It can take a couple of minutes when making a simple change in your XAML file until you can see your change in action on your favorite emulator or device. This lag is known to cause a lot of frustration for developers working on UI design and can negatively influence productivity.

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How Are Mobile Devices Impacting US Retail?

In 2012, Deloitte Consulting LLP discovered that smartphone usage influenced 5.1% of all retail store sales in the US. That translated into approximately $159 billion in forecasted sales for that year. The consulting firm predicted that by 2016, smartphones will influence 17-21% of total sales, which amounts to $628-$752 billion.

Even anecdotal evidence points to the strong and pervasive influence mobile devices have on retail in the US. How many times have you walked into a store and seen customers milling through the aisles, engrossed in what’s taking place on their smartphone screens?

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Mobile BI Solutions: Leveraging Mobility to Make Better Business Decisions

Imagine having information you needed to make an important business decision right at your fingertips. You don’t have to think very hard about it – such a thing is possible, thanks to business intelligence software.

“Business intelligence” refers to a technology-driven process for analyzing data. Managers and business leaders rely on this data to make better decisions for an organization. Business intelligence software (known as BI) is software solutions which analyze information.

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