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Microsoft Dynamics AX: Gets You Up and Running Quickly

Buying a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is a strategic investment for your business, so it’s well worth your time to examine your options carefully before you act. If you’ve been viewing the “Top Reasons to Invest in Microsoft Dynamics AX and Merit Solutions” blog series, thanks for following along. If you are just joining, welcome and we hope you tune in for our future reasons!

This week we’re going to discuss how we can get you up and running quickly.

To run your business in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world, you have to be able to quickly and easily deploy comprehensive, flexible, and innovative technologies.

Merit Solutions features rapid implementation services that enable companies to speed time to value and maximize return on investment. We incorporate best practices for helping people learn the system, improve the way work is performed, and use information to increase business performance.

We also utilize industry-leading tools that make projects faster and simpler to deploy. These tools do things like simplify the configuration of your ERP solution to meet your specific requirements, and offer best practices and other guidance to find the perfect setup for your business. We have found that this alone can cut months off of a traditional ERP deployment, significantly accelerate the ERP implementation, and speed the time required to realize its benefits.

When considering ERP solutions, Microsoft Dynamics AX combines comprehensive out-of-the-box capabilities with rapid, flexible deployment options designed to get you up and running quickly and affordably. Plus, Microsoft Dynamics AX provides a user interface that is similar to other Microsoft products, which eases training and helps people reach their full potential faster.

Learn about Innovare Health Advocates’ decision to implement MAXLife Cloud ERP for Microsoft Dynamics AX – and how they got up and running within 5 weeks.

Technology to Differentiate Your Business

Merit Solutions believes that many organizations are at a point of profound transformation that won’t be sufficiently addressed via a patchwork of business solutions. That's why we are committed to helping your business be ready for what’s next with the most comprehensive range of integrated solutions today and the most complete vision for the future.

Empowering Your People

For your people, we offer an unparalleled range of integrated, connected solutions that help provide a seamless experience across people’s personal work lives. Our approach is to deliver solutions that are integrated by design across devices and services. From productivity, collaboration, and business apps, to devices and security, our goal is to deliver a connected experience that works together seamlessly and naturally, the way people expect it to work. The result? Get more done, faster, without limits.

We live in an amazing time for technology. At home, when we use our personal devices, we’ve become accustomed to a highly connected experience where all of our apps and information are at our fingertips and the experience has become highly intuitive. It’s easy to watch movies, read books, play games, and share photos and documents. We also know that people consume information in a different way depending on the device they are using—tablets, PCs, or even business whiteboards. In each case, the Microsoft business platform makes it easy to personalize the experience and get it just right. By choosing the Microsoft platform, your company's devices and applications will truly work together - and these connected devices will give you the same version of the truth regardless of the device you are using.

Maximizing IT Flexibility

Our IT customers are entering a new era - a new era for the way they manage and deploy applications and devices. Between the consumerization of IT and the move to the cloud, a lot of what IT provided, from deployment to systems integration, is being radically revised and simplified. Throughout this transformation, we are here to help our customers maximize the return on your IT existing investment and best position you for the future. Our goal is to enable people to use the devices they want to use in the places they want to work - while also enabling enterprises to protect corporate information.

At the same time, we know that you will have more than just Microsoft solutions in your business, and so we are experienced at building bridges across technology. We believe this builds choice, drives innovation, and creates opportunities.

Accelerating your Business

Finally, we’re committed to helping you maximize the return on your investments in Microsoft solutions. Whether that means saving money, growing revenue, attracting and retaining customers, or driving innovation.

In today’s business climate, people expect the technology they use at work to be as simple as the technology they use at home. Today’s technology is expanding the possibilities for connecting people and helping businesses be more proactive and dynamic to change. For example…

In summary, Merit Solutions offers companies an unparalleled experience across today’s devices, while maximizing IT flexibility and providing the business platform and process optimization services that can truly accelerate your business.

Please comment below if you have any questions or comments as we’d certainly like to continue this conversation and find more ways that we can continue to help companies differentiate their business.

Better Informed People Make Better Decisions

Today’s social connectedness, mobile devices, and growing opportunities for interaction “any time any place” have changed the way many live and work. People are increasingly dependent on connections across the global network—interlocked in this connected reality.

In order to gain the insight needed to make better decisions, organizations need an end-to-end business solution that integrates all areas of their business and provides managers - as well as individual team members and contributors - with the information they need to make the right decisions at the right time!

Modern business solutions like Microsoft Dynamics AX not only connect people inside and outside the organization, they also give them context and insight which drives better decisions and boosts productivity. An important focus of Microsoft Dynamics AX is to drive connections with people, with customers and with business partners across processes, data and the ecosystem in which organizations operate. This focus on connected organizations includes the vision of anywhere, in-context collaboration services that links people and companies to the right people in the right place, in the right context, at the right time, across multiple avenues of communications.

By implementing a fully integrated ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics AX - encompassing everything from sales and marketing to production and accounting - organizations can improve the accuracy of the information upon which decisions are based because each module of the software is tied together and information flows freely among them. Everyone from the top floor to the shop floor can have access to the business intelligence information they need to drive business success across the organization:

  • Keep current on changing business conditions - Accurately monitor current business activity, and compare it to historical activity and future plans to give people the contextual information they need to keep performance on track. Microsoft Dynamics AX delivers many integrated monitoring tools to help your people access the most relevant, accurate, and timely information about your business.
  • Gain insight into your business - It's not enough to gather accurate and timely data—people need powerful and easy-to-use analysis tools to help them understand context and trends. Microsoft Dynamics AX business intelligence functions provide people with the insight they need to take quick action and pursue opportunities.
  • Budget, forecast, and plan effectively - Microsoft Dynamics AX offers flexible planning tools to help you compare budgets, forecasts, and plans to actual performance. It also gives you the ability to update budgets and plans on the basis of new data and analyses to help your business stay competitive.

Microsoft Dynamics AX removes the impediments that generate friction within the organization and provides people with a broader array of insights and actions across internal and external connections. With greater transparency, agility, and insight, your people can make better, more informed decisions - enabling you to transform into a Dynamic Business.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Rapid Implementation

Reduce the cost, complexity, and time required to realize the benefits of your Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP deployment with the Merit Solutions Rapid On Implementation Methodology.

Rapid On is a combination of consulting services and a software configuration tool specifically designed to speed time-to-value and maximize return on investment - while minimizing the risk to your organization. Rapid On makes it easier than ever for customers to deploy enterprise business systems: for a fixed price, Rapid On delivers a fully configured, ready-to-go customer environment complete with your chart of accounts, customers, vendors, and master data. By configuring a majority of your system design and set up on the web, we can cut months off of a traditional ERP deployment, significantly accelerate the ERP implementation, and speed the time required to realize its benefits.

Benefits of a Rapid On Implementation include:

  • Gets You Up And Running Quickly (30-60 days)
  • Predictable, Transparent Costs
  • Deploy a Scalable, Adaptable Solution
  • Fixed Price Packaged Service Offering
  • Minimize Implementation Risk
  • Leverage Best Practices
  • Reduce Up-front Costs
  • Reduce Internal Resource Requirements
Rapid On incorporates best practices for helping your people learn the system, improve the way work is performed, and use information to increase your business performance. These best practices are derived from our experience in working with hundreds of clients to successfully deploy their business systems.

By utilizing the Rapid On Methodology, companies can get up and running quickly, achieve a faster time to value, and ensure a successful implementation.

Microsoft Dynamics AX: Rapid Implementation

Reduce the cost, complexity, and time required to realize the benefits of your Microsoft Dynamics AX deployment with the Merit Solutions Rapid On Implementation Methodology. Take advantage of the only Microsoft Dynamics AX rapid deployment packaged service offering worldwide, which delivers a fully configured, ready-to-go customer environment within 30 days - complete with your chart of accounts, customers, vendors, and master data.

Benefits of a Rapid On Implementation include:

  • Gets You Up And Running in 30 Days
  • Predictable, Transparent Costs
  • Deploy a Scalable, Adaptable Solution
  • Fixed Price Packaged Service Offering
  • Minimize Implementation Risk
  • Leverage Best Practices
  • A-la-carte Services Menu
  • Reduce Up-front Costs
  • Reduce Internal Resource Requirements

Contact Merit Solutions to learn how you can maximize the value of your Microsoft Dynamics AX deployment - while minimizing risk!

MAXCloud: Cloud ERP for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Rapid globalization, demanding customers and shareholders, and intense competition are challenging today’s organizations like never before. As a result, decision makers are increasingly looking to technology to overcome these formidable business issues. To maximize the business value of IT investments, organizations need to choose solutions, business models, and IT platforms that meet their business needs today and yet are flexible, agile, and forward-looking enough to meet their requirements tomorrow.

We believe that acceptance of Cloud ERP will begin to accelerate as organizations increasingly discover that security is no longer a barrier to the many benefits Cloud ERP systems can provide. We believe that companies will soon begin to understand the efficiencies of cloud applications and will begin to demand that their ERP applications be delivered through the cloud as well.

MAXCloud ERP is a single, powerful solution that is simple to learn and use so you can deliver value faster, take advantage of business opportunities, and drive user involvement and innovation across the organization.

RAPID, FIXED PRICE DEPLOYMENT Take advantage of MAXCloud ERP’s Rapid On Deployment to get your business up and running in less than thirty days. Choose the service options that are right for you based on your business requirements, resource availability, and budget.

Located underground in a multimillion dollar state-of-the-art facility, our data center is SAS70 Type II Audited, guarantees 99.9% uptime, provides 24/7/365 live technical support, performs nightly data backups, and offers advanced disaster recovery services.

Rich core ERP capabilities across the entire solution efficiently support end-to-end business processes of mid-sized and global organizations. Prebuilt industry specific functionalities support safety, quality and compliance, track and trace, document management, and more.

MAXCloud ERP shifts the burden of ongoing software management from your team to ours, freeing up your staff to focus on value-adding tasks. Other benefits of MAXCloud ERP include:

  • Real-Time Visibility Into Critical Business Data
  • Support for Global, Multi-Site Organizations
  • Complete Supply Chain Integration
  • Compliance Support and Validation
  • Automate and Optimize Business Processes
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Powerful Embedded BI and Analytics
  • Agile and Flexible Deployment Alternatives
  • Simple, Familiar, and Intuitive User Interface

We invite you to take some time to view our interactive, click-thru MAXCloud ERP Demos. Or, better yet, feel free to sign up for our Free 30 Day Trial of MAXCloud ERP.