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Free Webinar: Product Serialization and Tracing

In an ongoing effort to mitigate the risks patients are exposed to when using medical devices and pharmaceutical drugs, the FDA has recently enacted two regulations for companies in these industries:

  • Unique Device Identifier (UDI) regulations require most medical devices distributed in the United States to be documented and tracked.

  • The Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) requires pharmaceutical companies to include product transaction information in an electronic or paper record every time ownership of the product or material is transferred.

Join us for our next webinar in our Mastering Compliance and Innovation Life Sciences Executive Series:

Product Serialization and Tracing
Wednesday March 4, 2015
12:00pm Eastern (9:00am Pacific)

Register now for the Product Serialization and Tracing Webinar

Underestimating the scope and scale of these regulations could put your company at risk. In this session, we will discuss real-world applications of UDI and DSCSA using Microsoft Dynamics AX – while diving into the fits, gaps, and solutions for complying with regulations and mitigating the risk associated with non-compliance.

Green Validation Webinar: Automating the Validation Process

Managing validation document lifecycles and deliverables can be error-prone and time-consuming. Which leads to the question: "Can paperless validation be a reality?"

Join us for our Green Validation Webinar on Tuesday, February 24th, at 12:00pm Eastern (9:00am Pacific) as Valarie King-Bailey, CEO of OnShore Technology Group, discusses effectively managing validation processes and documentation in a consistent and green manner.

This session will cover the following topics regarding ERP validation:

  • Initiating the validation activities early in an ERP project.
  • Eliminating paper documentation and slow approval processes.
  • Reducing time to completion by 50%.

Learn how to ensure compliance, streamline validation, and reduce costs by registering now for this webinar!

And then take a look at the other upcoming sessions we have in our Mastering Compliance and Innovation Life Sciences Webinar Series

Life Sciences Executive Webinar Series - "Mastering Compliance and Innovation"

Merit Solutions and OnShore Technology Group are excited to launch a new monthly Life Sciences Executive Webinar Series titled "Mastering Compliance and Innovation”. This series will identify ways Life Sciences organizations can excel beyond the basics and leverage innovative technologies to achieve continuous improvement and global success.

Continue reading "Life Sciences Executive Webinar Series - "Mastering Compliance and Innovation""

Webinar Recording: Integrating Microsoft Dynamics AX into a "Hybrid" QMS Environment

Merit Solutions was happy to host the first webinar for AXUG's Life Sciences Special Interest Group. 

In many Life Sciences organizations, functions are spread across multiple business systems. For example, sales teams work in, logistics works in Microsoft Dynamics AX, and quality tracks their documents in an external Quality Management or Document system.

Join us to learn about the pitfalls of this approach, and what the ideal integration strategies are for handling data that has multiple touch points, such as:

  • Items
  • Customers
  • And how these relate to Quality documents like ECOs, CAPAs, NCRs, and Complaint tracking

If you are in the Life Sciences industry and you missed this meeting, you missed a great session! No worries though because we recorded it for you so that you are able to view and not miss out on the great knowledge that was shared!

Download the on-demand webinar: Integrating Microsoft Dynamics AX into a "Hybrid" QMS Environment.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Validation Webinar Recording

What a great meeting hosted by Valarie King-Bailey on Validating Dynamics AX - What you Need to Know!

This meeting focused on how software validation is a mandatory requirement for highly regulated companies - especially life sciences. As life sciences companies adapt Microsoft Dynamics AX, they must consider how to validate the system to help ensure sustained compliance.

The goal of this webinar was to introduce 21st century validation techniques and discuss practical strategies for the validation of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

If you are in the Life Sciences industry and you missed this meeting, you missed a great session! No worries though because we recorded it for you so that you are able to view and not miss out on the great knowledge that was shared!

Register now to view the webinar from Merit Solutions' partner - Valarie King-Bailey and OnShore Technology Group.

AXUG Webinar: Leverage MRP to Build a Better Budget

MRP is a powerful tool for managing your supply chain. Join us during this webinar to learn how to leverage your existing MRP processes in the annual budget development process to address product cost projections, overhead projections, and other operational cost projections.

You can register on the AXUG website:

AXUG SIG - Consumer Product Group (CPG): Leverage MRP to Build a Better Budget
April 4, 2014
1-2pm EST

The Sky's The Limit: Cloud Technology for Mid-Market Companies

Join us on Tuesday, September 25th, 2012; 9:30 - 10:30 am CST for our free cloud ERP webinar: The Sky's The Limit: Cloud Technology for Mid-Market Companies

Today’s Cloud ERP solutions encompass the full range of ERP functions, including Production / Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Finance Management, Business Intelligence, Procurement and Sourcing, HCM (Payroll and HR), Project Accounting, and Sales and Marketing. In particular, Microsoft Dynamics AX, a powerful new generation in ERP solutions, offers Cloud-based functionality that rivals the rich functionality provided by onsite deployments, but at a fraction of the cost.

This solution gives your Mid-Market company:

  • Real-time information across your organization
  • Easy-to-use inquiry tools
  • Powerful analysis and reporting capabilities

When Cloud ERP is paired with Finance & Accounting Outsourcing Services in a Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) model, the sky really is the limit! Most Finance & Accounting functions don’t increase a company’s competitive edge, and companies can remove under-performing accounting functions to F&A outsourcing to maximize workflow, reduce staff redundancies and improve profitability, all while enjoying the benefits of a Cloud-based ERP system powered by Microsoft.

Join Finance & Accounting experts and Microsoft Dynamics Experts from Sutherland Global Services and Merit Solutions to learn:

  • How you can implement a BPaaS solution in your Mid-Market company now.
  • How your organization can benefit from Cloud ERP technology.
  • How you can be sure your data is secure in the Cloud.
  • How we meet the specific business process outsourcing and best in class ERP needs of the mid-market with a single solution with rapid implementation.

And before the event, read Everest Group's latest BPaaS whitepaper to learn more about what this unique solution can do for you!

Reserve your spot today!

Advanced Distribution for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Preview Webinar

Are you looking for a powerful, agile and simple solution for your distribution business? With more than 1,000 new features and enhancements across core enterprise resource planning (ERP) and industry capabilities, Advanced Distribution for Microsoft Dynamics AX (ADAX) 2012 will provide more business value faster, enable agility and insight in your organization, and help drive faster adoption, broader usage, and easier maintenance and upgrade through a continued emphasis on simplicity. See ADAX 2012 in action at the preview webinar!

Advanced Distribution for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Preview

Thursday, December 1, 2011 11:30am-1:00pm

Register now for this webinar

For more information and registration click here.

Upcoming Webinar: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for Food

Please join Merit Solutions on Wednesday, October 26th at 11am CST for our Food Industry Webinar: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for Food!

Find out how Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 helps medium to large manufacturers and distributors in the food industry to monitor food safety, streamline business processes, and enhance customer responsiveness. This next generation ERP provides a complete, enterprise wide business software solution designed to reduce an organization's total cost of ownership and improve profitability. See how Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 can impact your whole food organization - from finance and accounting to inventory, production, and distribution.

Register now!

Food Webinar Tomorrow - Register Now!

There's still time to register and attend tomorrow's Microsoft / Aberdeen Food Webinar: Food and Beverage: Preparing for Growth and Living with Change.

Join Michael Shoemaker, Director of Microsoft’s Distribution & Consumer Goods Industry Development and Kevin Prouty, Research Director for Enterprise Applications and Manufacturing Industries with Aberdeen Group, as they discuss Food and Beverage: Preparing for Growth and Living with Change. As the economy swings into recovery mode, Food and Beverage companies are getting ready for growth in both their organization and their technology infrastructure. But change and market volatility have become a way of life. From data derived from Aberdeen's rigorous research methodology, we will show that managing change, along with managing growth, are the most important challenges that Food and Beverage companies face.

In this webinar, you will see benchmark data that highlights how successful organizations respond to their challenges through Best-in-Class strategies. The speakers will also examine what capabilities and enabling technologies these successful Food and Beverage companies bring to bear to drive their strategies. You will learn how these organizations prepare themselves for growth while striving to live in a world of constant change.

Finally, the speakers will discuss how top manufacturers are answering some of the most pressing technology questions in the industry today, including:

  • What technologies to focus on to support your business strategies?
  • How do successful companies prepare for constant change in the market?
  • What benefits should you be getting from your ERP system?
  • Does social media play a role in collaboration with the business?
  • What should you do organizationally to get the most out of your systems?

Register now:
Food and Beverage: Preparing for Growth and Living with Change