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Explore ways to leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Azure cloud to optimize product development, foster employee productivity and transform your business with intelligent manufacturing.

Merit_Solutions_Intelligent_Manufacturing_2018 Microsoft US Partner Award Winner

Merit Solutions Wins 2018
Microsoft US Partner Award

We are humbled to be recognized by Microsoft as the top
US Partner for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions

We help process, discrete, and lean manufacturers embrace innovation as the worlds of operations and information technology converge – enabling smart products, connected operations, cost savings and increased revenue.

Global Manufacturing

The global supply chain is the foundation for every manufacturer’s planning, sourcing, production, sales, and financial success. When managed well, it will drive velocity, encourage innovation, and increase profits. However, if managed poorly, it will increase costs, reduce quality, and inhibit  success.

FDA Regulated Manufacturing

In addition to the challenges faced by any manufacturer, the Life Sciences and Food industries must also be able to support long product development life cycles, comply with increasingly stringent regulatory, and improve product quality while operating with razor thin margins.

Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturers rely on visual management boards and cues, pull-based supply chains, levelized flow with JIT production, eliminating waste, and fostering continuous improvement. When traditional IT systems like ERP are forced onto lean processes, the effects can be extremely damaging.


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Merit_Solutions_Digital_Manufacturing_5 Ways to Reduce IT Costs

5 Ways to Reduce
IT Costs

In 2018, IT spending is projected to reach a total of $3.7 trillion worldwide, which is an increase of 6.2% from last year according to the latest forecast from Gartner, Inc. It’s a constant challenge to keep your IT costs down without weakening service, quality or security.

Merit_Solutions_Digital_Manufacturing_Lean Manufacturing White Paper

Lean Manufacturing White Paper

When people first learn about lean, they become excited by its simplicity and the exceptional benefits it brings. They mistakenly believe that because the concepts of lean are so simple that implementing it in a company should be equally simple, but that is rarely the case.

Merit_Solutions_Intelligent Manufacturing_Dynamics AX vs. Dynamics 365: An Overview

Dynamics AX vs. Dynamics 365: An Overview

Most companies using Dynamics AX are considering an upgrade to Dynamics 365 since it offers a variety of new features, the most important of which are cloud-based functionality and highly improved scalability possibilities/features.

Merit_Solutions_Intelligent _Manufacturing_Smart Factories Infographic

Smart Factories

Digitalization is Becoming the standandard and the companies investing in smart factories now will get decide what the future of manufacturing is going to look like. Chek our Smart Factories Infographic.

INTELLIGENT Manufacturing

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Digital Transformation Trends in Manufacturing

In the past couple of years, one of the topics that created buzz among manufacturers has been digital transformation.
What was initially seen as an IT expense has, over time, grown to be accepted as one of the main strategic initiatives
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The Smart Optimized Factory

What does optimization mean? More importantly, what does it look like in practice? This blog post examines the definition of optimization and provides examples of optimization.

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powering intelligent manufacturing

The Journey of Smart Manufacturing: How Far We’ve Come

Virtually thousands of tech websites, articles and videos are buzzing with the same key themes. “Interconnected platforms”. “Autonomous networks”. “Smart machines” that communicate with each other and us and make contextual improvements. Machine Learning. Artificial Intelligence. Internet of Things. All of these are part of a new wave of manufacturing improvements brought on by the so called “Industry 4.0”.

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Improve Your Manufacturing Metrics by Leveraging Data

Improve Your Manufacturing Metrics by Leveraging Data

Today, all you hear about is data, data and more data. It is becoming increasing critical for leading manufacturing organization to have the ability to access, analyze and manage the vast amounts of data to stay competitive and ensure profitability.

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