Regulated Manufacturing

Explore ways to leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Azure cloud to optimize product development, foster employee productivity and transform your business with intelligent manufacturing.

Regulated Manufacturing Solutions

Merit Solutions for Life Sciences

In addition to the challenges faced by any manufacturer, organizations in regulated industries must also be able to support long product development life cycles, comply with increasingly stringent regulatory requirements, and improve product quality while operating with razor thin margins.

Dynamics 365

The next generation of enterprise applications is here. D365 redefines integration by unifying data across your organization and transforming it into unique insights. Its unparalleled scalability allows you to choose the pace at which you progress. Powered by the Microsoft Azure cloud ecosystem.

REGULATED Manufacturing

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Apps and Innovation Team

The Value of Merit’s Apps and Innovation Team

Our Apps and Innovation team builds integrations which make your user experience is smoother, not more complex. We enable effortless connections between multiple systems, apps, platforms and sources of data. To tie everything together, we design user interfaces which are simple to use, and let you take complete control of complex business processes intuitively.

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A New Age of Supply Chains and Their Role in Manufacturing

A New Age of Supply Chains and Their Role in Manufacturing

In order to be able to transform supply chains, manufacturers have to synchronize and fine-tune all the different systems working for them and listen to their insights, which will later allow them to create strategic advantages where there were none in the past, and make the right decisions without blinking an eye.

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REGULATED Manufacturing

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