4 Enterprise Mobility Trends in 2018

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Mobility is evolving into an essential function supporting the growth of organizations across all industries for both consumer engagement and workforce mobilization. This trend will see massive growth in the next couple of years as the market size for mobility is estimated to reach a staggering $73.3 billion by 2021.

Here are the top four trends we expect in 2018 with the expansion and on-going development of the Enterprise Mobility space:

1. The Growth of the Internet of Things

Organizations are continuing to adopt and implement IoT sensors and devices at an exponential rate. IoT enables businesses, governments and individuals to connect and control these devices in various areas like manufacturing, energy, transportation and more. IoT has strong influence on the mobility industry since most of these sensors/devices will be monitored through mobile apps on BYOD.

2. Artificial Intelligence

AI is becoming more widespread in the technology space. Features on smartphones like GPS apps that detect the user’s location, navigation apps that help with user orientation or the AI personal assistant taking care of a number of functions, are being used in the workplace more and more. AI’s potential also affects enterprise mobility as it will free up employees’ time so they can concentrate on tasks that require a more manual touch.

3. The Cloud

The cloud enables employees to use many devices and get work done from different locations. It means that enterprise apps will also have to be compatible and support by different platforms for different operating systems. Cloud based technologies are gaining importance for organizations due to the growing sophistication in cloud services, its availability and affordability.

4. More & More of Bring-Your-Own-Device

The corporate world has embraced the culture of BYOD with great effectiveness. It is clear that increased mobility offers a high level of efficiency and productivity and BYOD is more than a trend. It has transformed the norm in most workplaces and the shift is continuing.

In 2016 and 2017, there has been a major focus of IT investments in Enterprise Mobility. This trend will continue but the focus will shift to apps that ensure security of data, device, application and network for all usages.

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