5 Benefits of Microsoft Azure and Dynamics 365

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Microsoft Azure is an expanding network of cloud services designed to help your organization overcome business challenges and adapt to the age of digital transformation. It offers users freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive, global network using highly familiar tools and frameworks.

Let’s take a look at the competitive advantages Azure can offer its users:

Internet of Things

Using Azure, the Internet of Things, and machine communication – organizations can accelerate their digital transformation initiatives, collect untapped data, and find new insights by connecting devices, assets, and sensors in order to gain granular, real-time control over every detail of their operations. Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and its IoT management capability, customers will experience far less downtime. Organizations will be able to provide proactive service so that they can keep their operations running. Read more about of IoT and Microsoft Dynamics 365 here.

SharePoint on Azure

With SharePoint on Azure, organizations can set up development or test farms, or scale out production SharePoint deployments by instantly adding more resources. Deployment and configuration are drastically simplified with ready-to-deploy images and templates that are based on tried and tested configurations. Deployment of complex SharePoint farms can now be done in minutes instead of days, thanks to the Cloud. Pay-as-you-go pricing and per-minute billing from Azure also helps organizations save money.

Business intelligence – big data and analytics

In order to drive high-quality, faster decision making – analyzing your data for deeper insights is a must. Using the capabilities of Azure, Dynamics 365 and Power BI, you can harness incredible amounts of data and turn them into revenue and growth indicators. Making adjustments and tweaking your products and services in real time could set you apart from the competition and ensure even more success in the future.


Going mobile with Azure and D365 can help you reach customers everywhere, using every device – all you need is a network connection. With the addition of mobility, tools like Power BI enable users to gauge and customize data as they please, using any device they like. Organizations can thus track their efforts seamlessly and painlessly.

Serverless computing

Using a cloud-based infrastructure means you don’t ever have to think about physical storage and server maintenance and security. With Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure, organizations are able to build apps faster, shifting their focus towards innovating instead of having to deal with infrastructure management. Given the fact the cloud-based version of D365 is connected to Azure – one centralized, data-driven and ever-evolving platform – users get fixes, updates and patches as soon as they come out, without having to rely heavily on their own IT teams. The Azure network is built to save time, space and resources all at once.

According to Microsoft, the Azure platform is still gaining momentum, with about 120k new customers per month and incredible revenue growth rates – the rates for the four quarters in 2017 were 93%, 97%, 90%, and 98%.

An increasing number of organizations across industries and even governments are now putting their trust in the Azure network in an effort to digitalize their operational processes and increase overall efficiency. Don’t miss a chance to take the next step in ERP evolution and harness the capabilities of the cloud-powered Dynamics 365 with Merit Solutions. Read more about how you can upgrade your business processes using Azure by following this link.

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