6 Risks of ERP Implementations

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Modern day ERP solutions merge data, technology and business processes.

Implementing these systems is a huge undertaking. Because of all the moving parts, there are risks associated with this type of project and if they are ignored – there is a good chance that the implementation will fail. For most, these risks are manageable if they are known ahead of time. Identifying what problems may arise and addressing them early will certainly help mitigate them before they become a point of failure for your project.

But just what are some of the common risks you may encounter:

  • No clear vision
  • Lack of user buy-in
  • Selecting the wrong software
  • Customization
  • Exposing sensitive data
  • Poor project planning

This white paper outlines these 6 common risks of ERP implementations – and how you can avoid being in the 55% – 75% of ERP projects that are considered “failures”.

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