Why Inventory Needs to be Managed from a Single Vantage Point

John F. Kennedy International Airport is one of the world's most important transit hubs. With six terminals and 128 gates, the airport handled 59 million passengers in 2017. Naturally, each gate and each flight that operates from any given gate is a part of a centralized system that is able to take into account other flights as well as external factors to create an optimal schedule and ensure operational efficiency.

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How Can Manufacturers Differentiate by Focusing on Customer Engagement?

For a long time, manufacturing was just about selling a good product. Now, companies relying solely on selling a good product find it hard to stand out in the crowd. With so much information available to customers for research and so many solutions in the market, today’s manufacturers are expected to provide the convenience that was so far only expected in the B2C customer engagement models.

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AI in Smart Manufacturing

With digital automation, cloud computing and IoT getting mainstream acceptance in manufacturing, industry leaders are now turning to technologies that have the potential of enabling the next major breakthrough: artificial intelligence. AI has the potential to have a profound impact on production machines as well as the factory as a whole.

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