3 Benefits of Going Mobile with Dynamics 365

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Not that long ago, computers were massive machines which required experts, entire rooms and buildings to operate. These days, almost everyone has one in their own pocket. The emergence of smartphones, tablets and similar devices has changed the game. These are not mere toys, but rather powerful and multifunctional tools capable of providing you with real-time information in the blink of an eye.

Organizations which prioritize efficiency and practicality in order to increase the quality of their products and services are now turning to mobility projects to realize the full potential of today’s markets. This blog focuses on the advantages of ERP mobility, using the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 as an example.

Dynamics 365 is a multifunctional, cloud-based system striving to take the next great step in the age of digital transformation. Among its handy features – which include IoT capabilities, CRM and ERP integrated solutions, real-time updates and support – mobility is one of the most vital differentiators.

The mobility possibilities D365 offers save a substantial amount of time and effort on different levels, starting from individual employees to entire departments. Having functionalities on the go, on any device with an internet connection, can give you a noticeable edge over your competition.

Here are some of the ways using mobility with Dynamics 365 can take an organization to the next level.

Real-time integration with the Cloud means unlimited access to information

As mentioned, Dynamics 365 contributes to business processes using a cloud-based setup. With one centralized, self-updating system, no changes are left unsynchronized, whether you are viewing them from your computer, phone or tablet, in an office or on the go. Going mobile means unlimited access to information for your entire organization. No more unnecessary paperwork, no more data silos. Use any device you want to get the work done.

Working remotely is now much, much easier

If your organization provides services or products using remote employee teams, mobility can help reduce operational costs and increase overall efficiency. Real-time dispatching and maintenance of orders on mobile devices, maps and vehicle navigation, support for electronic signatures, payments, receipts and printers, cross-platform capabilities for iOS, Android and Windows devices – the benefits of going mobile are huge. Check out how Merit Solutions helped Stanley Steemer get the best out of ERP mobility by clicking here.

Power BI and Big Data in the palm of your hand

Microsoft’s Power BI is a business analytics tool meant for organizing data and using it to enhance productivity. Self-service capabilities and customizable visualizations help users create highly informative data reports and provide valuable insights on a regular basis. With the addition of mobility, Power BI enables users to gauge and customize data as they please, using any device they like. Organizations can thus track their efforts seamlessly and painlessly.

Going mobile might seem like a somewhat less essential task than others when it comes to setting up your ERP system, but this isn’t really the case. Integrating devices into one easily navigable, user-friendly network can make life easier for organizations and customers alike. Mobility saves you the hassle of having to be somewhere to get your job done, which goes a long way in any kind of business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a business software solution built to do more with less resources and mobility fits right into its core philosophy. Learn more about the benefits of switching to D365 by clicking here.

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