Building an Infrastructure around Dynamics 365 – The Microsoft Azure Business Platform

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This is the story of how we can empower you to achieve more using our industry expertise, as well as Dynamics 365 and its awe-inspiring extensibility and versatility. 
Microsoft Azure Business Platform

For twenty years, Merit Solutions has been establishing a name for itself in the world of technology and innovation. A lot has changed during that time. The often talked about Fourth industrial revolution involving cyber physical systems and processes has emerged as a civilization-changing factor, allowing machines to “think” and make decisions on their own.  

This was an almost unimaginable scenario some fifty years ago, when we were witnessing Industry 3.0 and just starting to figure out how automation, robotics and computers could be used to increase operational efficiency.  

Going back even further – a hundred years prior to those events – the terms  “mass production” and “industrialization” got their meaning for the first time ever. It took us a century to transition from Industry 2.0 to Industry 3.0, but about half that time to climb to the next step. It is clear progress has been picking up the pace ever since the invention of computers and the internet, but where does that leave us?   

In a time of technological disruptions, incessant waves of innovations, global interconnectivity and all-powerful devices, Merit Solutions has found success in supporting manufacturing companies on the path of digital transformation. This is the story of how we can empower you to achieve more using our industry expertise, as well as Dynamics 365 and its awe-inspiring extensibility and versatility. 

Building an Infrastructure – The Microsoft
Azure Business Platform

Implementations can fail for a number of reasons. Either they don’t solve the challenges they’re supposed to and take up more resources than initially required, or their completion drags on forever, leaving organizations with even more expenses in the long run.   

When talking about implementing full-enterprise systems, marketing departments can throw a lot of big words around. Integration, technology, greater ROI – these are all very alluring reasons to switch to a newer system. But, there is a catch. Gartner estimates that about 55%-75% percent of ERP implementations aren’t successful. Just let that number sink in. 

Finishing an enterprise-wide project demands careful planning, precise timing and the right people behind it all. The toolbox you’re working with also has a say in the matter. This is why Merit Solutions opted to partner up with Microsoft, and the results have been more than satisfactory.  

Working with the Microsoft Azure Business Platform has provided us with great tools and familiar environments to do our job with, and these benefits have spilled over to our clients’  business processes as well. To build a foundation for what manufacturers hope to do in terms of increasing efficiency, we implement customized, end-to-end enterprise solutions in the form of Dynamics 365. 

Not only were we able to accumulate considerable experience successfully implementing end-to-end Dynamics solutions, but we were also able to combine that knowledge with our manufacturing industry expertise and create additional ERP functionalities of our own.  

We are among the rare Microsoft partners who have implemented D365 for Finance and Operations, Sales, and Talent in a single customer environment. 

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If you wish to benefit from the Microsoft Azure Business Platform, you can rely on Merit Solutions’ manufacturing industry expertise and very soundly executed fundamentals in the form of Dynamics 365 and its additional capabilities. 

Browse our website for more information on how to begin your transformation journey and future-proof manufacturing endeavors. 

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