Business Process Management
and Improvement

Inefficient and ineffective workstreams and processes waste time and money.
And they almost always have a negative impact on customer value and product quality.
manufacturing in the digital age

Business Process Management

The most fundamental driving force for a company’s success is their people. However, the way people perform the tasks in their workstreams can make the difference between success and failure in today’s markets. Improvements in key operational areas – such as supply chain, finance, manufacturing and quality – can enable continuous performance optimization and help your enterprise provide higher value and achieve growth and profitability goals.


Workstream improvement projects that are properly planned and managed can deliver the following benefits:

Improved efficiency

Improve corporate and employee efficiency and reduce the chance of errors by making work repeatable and eliminating waste.

Increased speed and agility

Optimizing workstreams will enable you to gain both the insight and the ability to quickly adapt to changing business needs and make more informed decisions. It will also enable you to more easily modify your future business activities to differentiate your business.

Improved customer satisfaction

Workstream changes can result in new ways for products and services to be delivered and new ways to exist in the relationships you have with your customers – causing an increase in the value that customers derive from your organization.

Supports globalization and expansion

Enter new markets with confidence knowing that your workstreams and enabling systems are repeatable and scalable to support your success.

Improved profitability

Provide team members with information insight at all points in the business, according to security designs, to improve decision making, improve the company's ability to act and operate on those decisions, and increase the ability to continually improve performance.

In order to successfully transform their business, today’s enterprises need to identify opportunities to streamline workstreams, reduce waste, and drive higher value for customers. At the same time, they need to successfully manage changing processes with employees, ensuring that their day-to-day activities are easier, more efficient, and more productive.

manufacturing in the digital age

Why Merit Solutions?

Many consulting organizations claim process improvement and business transformation services, but few can offer the front-end expertise, back-end technical depth, industry best practices, project and change management services needed to successfully transform a global enterprise.

At Merit Solutions, our business process management and workstream improvement services are based on accumulated expertise helping enterprises enable new activities, gain operating efficiencies, and drive higher value for customers. We have developed world-class skills and techniques to understand how people – within and outside of the organization – relate to and adopt business workstream and enabling technology systems changes.

Our business process improvement services include:

Documenting and assessing current business activities and flows.

Performing value analysis.

Identifying opportunities to eliminate waste and make work repeatable.

Documenting future state value streams and flows.

Creating an enabling systems and information flow roadmap.

Business process projects require subject matter and industry experts that have experience aligning workstreams with the people and systems that enable them. Merit Solutions has repeatedly led our industry in helping clients optimize their activities to deliver more value to customers.

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