How Can Microsoft Help You with Your Digital Transformation?

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There are many people in the enterprise who scoff at the term “digital transformation.” However, they ignore the fact that digital transformation is already taking place. They’ll be left behind if they don’t embrace technological changes that enable them to be more efficient and productive.

Microsoft offers a number of services that will help you undergo a digital transformation so that you can remain competitive in the marketplace – read on to learn which offerings might be right for you.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 brings a number of applications together in one place, eliminating data silos once and for all. There are modules for sales, customer service, field service, recruiting, finance and operations, retail, project service automation, marketing, and customer service insight. Instead of investing in separate CRM and ERP systems, you can save money by choosing Dynamics 365.

While Dynamics 365 has many selling points, price is definitely a significant consideration. Dynamics 365’s implementation price is cheaper than that of SAP and Oracle, making it a good choice for organizations with tight budgets.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a set of cloud services for developers and IT professionals. It has a number of advantages over its competitors.

For a start, Azure’s pricing is some of the lowest on the market. Second, Azure has greater availability than its competitors, offering twice the number of regions as AWS. In addition, Microsoft leads the industry in security certifications; it has the greatest compliance coverage of all cloud service providers, giving customers peace of mind and allowing them to comply with regulations.

Microsoft Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has already begun to transform the enterprise. Microsoft understands this, and now offers solutions that help you harness the capabilities of IoT.

With Microsoft’s IoT solutions, you can add sensors and build smart devices, control your connected devices by monitoring and managing them, analyze the data obtained from your connected devices, then act on those insights so you can seize new business opportunities.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is Microsoft’s suite of business analytics tools. With Power BI, you can deliver insights across your entire organization.

How does Power BI work? It connects to hundreds of data sources, makes data preparation easier, and enables ad hoc analysis. You can produce visually stunning reports and then publish them throughout the company. You don’t have to be a business user in order to use Power BI – anyone can take advantage of it. However, using Power BI doesn’t mean that anyone can access confidential information – there are built-in security features to keep data safe across the company. In addition, Power BI is mobile-optimized, so you can use it on mobile devices and desktops.

The goal of digital transformation isn’t just to blindly embrace new technology – it’s about using the right technology to help you move forward and seize new market opportunities, save money, and be more efficient and agile. Microsoft’s cloud-powered suite helps you do just that.

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