How Credible is Your ERP Partner?

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Implementing enterprise software like your ERP solution is costly. Sure, the price tag alone can be rather high but most ROI analysis will off set that cost for you. However, if your implementation fails, you won’t see those returns so its important that you are able to maximize the benefits you stand to gain from your ERP application. But to do this you need to find an ERP partner that you can trust because if you choose the wrong person to help you navigate this process you will soon see just how much this will cost.

But when you look at the different partners courting you, how do you know who is credible and who might be a pretender?

Experience in your vertical

Each industry has processes specific. They also have specific metrics and information that they rely on. If your partner isn’t familiar with these processes and metrics, then how are they going to help you find the right tool to leverage them for your business? More importantly, how are they going to train and prepare your team to use the software if they don’t get how it works for you and what it will measure? If your partner is experienced in your vertical then they know what it takes for an ERP solution to be successful for you.

They stay involved

It’s unlikely that you expect your partner to hand the keys over to you after your ERP implementation goes live and does nothing more than send you a holiday card for a year or two. Credible ERP partners keep an open line of communication with their clients to offer support, training and advice. They may charge for some of these services, but this is something you should be aware of upfront and not when disaster strikes.

A proven implementation track record

When you are vetting potential partners, you can’t simply go on their word that they have a strong track record of successful implementations. Of course they are going to highlight their success stories only. Instead, start doing your homework. Ask them what their implementation methodology is and make sure that it is documented. Then, follow up by asking other customers if they stick to their plan and how well it worked for them.

They maximize the value of your ERP solution

You want your ERP software to work for you and you want to start seeing returns as quickly as possible, so it is important that the partner you choose shows you just how they can help you maximize your return on investment.

When your implementation project is in full swing you don’t want to be asking yourself, “Do I have the right partner?” If you have to question this, odds are the answer is no. Second guessing your choice of ERP partner is a sign that you don’t trust that they are going to help you bring your project to completion successfully.

Credibility is not something that is easily faked, if you know what to look for. Make sure that you take the time to ask your potential partners the right questions so you don’t find yourself second guessing your decision when it is too late.

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