Customer Story

Dynamics 365 and Merit for Life Science gives this biotech company the confidence that they’re working with qualified suppliers, managing resources with precision, and accurately and consistently producing product.

- The Problem -

This biotech manufacturer needed a supply chain and logistics system to help them produce products on schedule, to provide the flexibility and greater quality control of an in-house manufacturing process, and to improve their existing CMO manufacturing process. 

- The Solution -

After implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Merit for Life Science, this customer can better plan for needed demand and mitigate supply chain issues.

They streamlined operations with benefits such as full audit trails and e-signatures, digital control and oversight of orders without interrupting production, and a streamlined overview of key inventory data.

- The Result -

After working with Merit Solutions, this biotech company has gained a strengthened internal control environment and increased automation across their supply chain, inventory, warehouse and manufacturing processes. Management of SOX testing and external audit testing requirements are streamlined.

They noted that costs and effort across business processes have significantly decreased and appreciate having the confidence that their ERP will support them as they grow their in-house manufacturing processes. They feel positive about the potential for commercialization of their products.

We are outcome-driven.