Customer Story

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Merit Solutions, this biopharma giant gained security, automation, workflows, and reporting, that met their complex industry requirements.

- The Problem -

With a rich history spanning three decades, this customer was at a crossroads where its legacy systems no longer aligned with its evolving regulatory obligations, business model, and ambitious growth projections. As a key player in the Life Sciences sector, the customer grappled with the intricate management of critical processes like material tracking, batch re-test management, dispensing, and compliance, often resorting to manual interventions due to system limitations. Unfortunately, this manual handling hindered the organization’s operational efficiency, a critical factor for sustaining uninterrupted growth.

- The Solution -

After a thorough review and demonstration, the company decided to proceed selected Microsoft Dynamics. After selection of the platform the customer evaluated the solution providers who had industry experience and solution to ensure the deployment would be GxP ready and could maintain validation. In addition, it was critical to the customer that there was a strong cultural fit. The result was the selection of Merit for Life Science believing Merit to be the best match to provide the life science expertise required, the ISV product that can be deployed with D365, and culturally would work best with the customer’s team.

- The Result -

By harnessing the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 alongside Merit for Life Science, the customer’s pursuit of a compliant FDA-regulated environment was met with resounding success. The solution addresses the intricate demands of this setting, with critical focal points including:

  •  Enhanced production dynamics
  • Integrated quality oversight
  • Material management mastery
  • Vendor and item control advancements

The customer is now able to support its goal of manufacturing commercial products in-house, leveraging Merit for Life Sciences to meet all regulatory compliance while increasing efficiency and productivity on an entirely digital platform. ​

We are outcome-driven.