Customer Story

In a regulated industry such as food manufacturing, legacy systems could no longer support our customer’s compliance needs.

- The Problem -

Years of growth left our customer in the confectionery and snack food industry with a number of outdated business systems, which were heavily dependent on manual data entry. These disparate systems and manual processes made it difficult for the organization’s executives to gather accurate, real-time data in order to make informed business decisions. They were manually lot tracing ingredients and finished goods, they had no production reporting, and they had no inventory accuracy or accountability.

- The Solution -

After evaluating numerous business systems, our customers chose to implement the industry leading Microsoft Dynamics 365. With increasing customer demands, regulatory compliance requirements, and revenue goals, they wanted a system that would improve quality control and profitability, and be flexible enough to expand with their future strategy plans and goals. Extending the capabilities of D365, Merit Solutions for Regulated Manufacturing proved to be a solution that was both cost effective now, yet able to scale with the company into the foreseeable future.​

- The Result -

Relying on Merit for Regulated Manufacturing, our customer is able to provide immediate responses and proactive communication to customers. They can now easily identify cost improvement areas with both labor material usage – standards and formulations. The organization benefits from lot traceability, production reporting, and improved inventory accuracy, and is now a data-driven company with information easily and readily available.

We are outcome-driven.