Customer Story

A food manufacturer in the Midwest was having issues keeping track of 14 disparate solutions and ultimately opted for Dynamics 365 and Merit for Life Science.

- The Problem -

Our customer is a regulated manufacturer in the food industry who faced major challenges in integrating and maintaining 14 disparate legacy systems which were causing data silos and inefficiencies across the supply chain. They needed to stabilize the planning and manufacturing demands while meeting FDA compliance.

- The Solution -

The customer chose Merit for Life Science and benefited from extended quality features within an FDA compliant, single source of truth application. Merit was also able to create efficiencies in the organization’s packaging (weighing and labeling) processes by leveraging IoT technologies combined with catch-weight functionality to deliver an automated solution that reduced both cycle time and labor.

- The Result -

Merit Solutions’ consultants developed a solution that consolidated 14 different systems to a single source of truth, providing increased operational efficiency and minimizing headcount to process daily operational transactions. Merit automated weighing and labeling processes utilizing shop floor and IoT technologies, previously requiring two full time employees and taking 90 seconds to complete. Today, this process is accomplished by one full time employee and takes less than 10 seconds to complete the operation. Leveraging Merit for Life Science, the customer has increased planning, accuracy, efficiency, and reliability while remaining compliant with the extended quality requirements of the Food and Safety Modernization Act of 2012.

We are outcome-driven.