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Tom Juncewicz

Stanley Steemer
Director of IT

Mobile Application ROI – One Year After Go-Live

A 20% increase in productivity has enabled service representatives to go from making 8 service calls per day to 10 service calls per day.
They are seeing a 40% increase in upsell opportunities.
New employees require less time to be trained on the easy-to-use application.
New locations / branches can more rapidly deploy the application. and can be deployed in locations much more rapidly.

Interview with Tom Juncewicz

On Stanley Steemer's challenges that required a new solution:

"Stanley Steemer has always invested heavily in quality people, equipment, and technology. While most processes had some automation, our leadership recognized that our legacy technology (especially in the field) needed a modern refresh to handle our expected growth in the years to come."

On how those challenges negatively imapacted Stanley Steemer's client value and satisfaction:

"While Stanley Steemer was an early adopter of mobile technology in the field, our solution was getting pretty long in the tooth, on a platform that was no longer actively supported, and an application that needed an overhaul to better handle our expanding lines of business. Customers occasionally bear witness to the frustration of our technicians in trying to operate their devices during resets, lost connectivity, or application glitches."

On how mobility / AX will help people save time and increase productivity:

"Over time we expect to leverage more of the AX workflow and BI capabilities to automate and streamline our internal processes. The new mobile app will be used by our field service technicians, providing a modern, easy-to-use, touch-based interface when performing their services in our customers' homes."

On how mobility / AX will support growth:

"While AX and mobility will not directly lead to an increase in business volume, once the solutions are fully realized, we should be able to handle increased business volume more efficiently without a commensurate increase in staffing."

On why new and existing clients should feel more comfortable working with Stanley Steemer in the future because of these mobility / AX investments:

"The new mobility platform will provide a more stable, streamlined experience in the home, helping to ensure accurate pricing and hassle-free experience."

On why Stanley Steemer would recommend Merit Solutions:

"The biggest reason is the skill of the technical teams. The AX technical team was able to configure and modify AX to meet our unique challenges as a services organization, as well as help integrate other third-party tools as part of the solution. The mobility team developed an elastic and powerful architecture from scratch by leveraging cutting-edge Microsoft technology like Azure, and cross-platform mobile tools from Xamarin – able to be deployed to Android, iOS, or Windows devices – effectively making the solution "future proof". The technological underpinnings of their work will form the foundation of our internal development for years to come."

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