Digital Manufacturing and Industry 4.0

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We are in the Industry 4.0 era – a generation that will be won or lost with digital technology. How will you fare?

When considering digital manufacturing initiatives for your business, here are six of the transformational plays Deloitte University Press has identified related to Industry 4.0:

    1. Planning – Predicting changes and responding in real-time.
    2. Factory – Creating a digital link between operations (OT) and information technology (IT).
    3. Support – Automating and scaling aftermarket operations.
    4. Products – Creating or augmenting smart products and services.
    5. Customers – Connecting and integrating in new ways.
    6. Engineers – Accelerating innovation and design cycles.

Digital manufacturing is about applying technology to radically transform traditional processes, products and services into data-driven, highly connected intelligent systems.

Discover how you can drive extreme efficiency gains, inspire and speed innovation, and deliver higher customer service through a digital manufacturing transformation.

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