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Digital Transformation shaping business growth, upending old ways of doing
business and driving the invention of new industries, business models, products, and services.

Of workers’ time is wasted by information overload.
Of customer-perceived value of products and services is digital, according to CEOs surveyed.
Of respondents say predictive analytics held the most potential to predict business events.
Of employees say mobile business apps are already changing the way they work.
Of CEOs said they face pressure from boards to make progress in digital business.
Of CEOs said that their digital improvements have already increased profits.
$ M
More in additional operating income generated by leaders in digital transformation.
$ B
Lost in the US Economy alone each year due to information overload.
manufacturing in the digital age

Top Challenges We Solve

The digital transformation of your organization requires people-centricity, customer obsession, business acumen, a culture of innovation, and a rapid continuous cycle of value creation. A successful transformation can help you:

Engage Your Customers

Today’s enterprise are undergoing a paradigm shift, driven by digital transformation, to deliver meaningful customer engagement. These companies need to advance beyond agent productivity and capitalize on technology’s ability to deliver key customer insights and predictive analytics that can unlock revenue growth.

Key Issues:

  • Lack of consistent customer experiences with products creates brand confusion.
  • Disparate processes and systems across functions and channels create inconsistent customer experiences across marketing, sales, and service.
  • Consumer demands and expectations are causing manufacturers to move from only product offerings to products and services offerings.

How Merit Solutions Helps:

We create and implement solutions that provide relevant, personalized, and seamless experiences, regardless of how and when your customers interact with you.

Optimize Your Operations

Globalization has changed the innovation process, supply chain, distribution model, and ways that organizations sell to and service customers. Unfortunately, a large number of companies work with outdated or obsolete IT that limit their ability to address key challenges and opportunities in today’s digital world.

Key Issues:

  • Disconnected data across regions and products makes accurate analysis difficult and time consuming.
  • Systems that are not designed to handle the volume and complexity of digital data and machine-generated signals inhibit the ability to use IoT data in the customer engagement processes.
  • High operational costs negatively affect margins.
  • Inefficient collaboration and analysis capabilities delay decision-making and hinder productivity.
  • High infrastructure development costs prevent companies from building up IT infrastructure scale and software capabilities globally.

How Merit Solutions Helps:

We drive greater business efficiency and reduce expenses with digital solutions that streamline business operations and IT infrastructure management.

Empower Your Employees

As the talent pool shrinks, employees cultivated to be tech-literate and customer-obsessed will be more valuable than ever. By reinventing productivity and enabling a data-driven culture, companies who focus on empowering employees will be in the best position to hire and retain workers.

Key Issues:

  • Lack of support for mobile workers decreases productivity potential and reduces innovation.
  • Customer data residing in silos prevents the sharing of customer information between functions.
  • Limited analytics capabilities result in incomplete insight into customer behavior and intent.
  • Lack of industry, customer, and product insights inhibit the ability to make informed strategic decisions.
  • Potential threat of losing intellectual property inhibits efficient collaboration.

How Merit Solutions Helps:

We design solutions that enable workers to be more mobile, more collaborative, more intelligent, and more intuitive, without sacrificing trust or security.

manufacturing in the digital age

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