Want Built-In Intelligence? Time to Move to Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Writer Napoleon Hill once said, “Action is the real measure of intelligence.” That statement is something a catch-42, though; you can’t take action if you don’t have intelligence, but what if you don’t have the intelligence in the first place?

Built-in intelligence is one of the benefits of Dynamics 365. Read on to learn how you can make better decisions (which leads to the actions you need to make you successful) thanks to features such as Power BI, AI, and IoT.

What Kinds of Built-In Intelligence Does Dynamics 365 Feature?

There are a few built-in intelligence features available in Dynamics 365.

Power BI is Microsoft’s business analytics system that lets you visualize the data you have and share it throughout the organization. You can also embed them in your website or app. Power BI lets you connect to hundreds of data sources and it provides dashboards and reports to bring your data to life.

Dynamics 365 also has the capability to connect to IoT devices. Today, more and more devices are networked. These devices offer valuable information, but only if that flow of data is directed to the right places. Microsoft’s IoT connector allows you to direct that information flow to the line-of-business applications you need most. You then have the data you need at your fingertips to make the best decisions.

Another feature is AI. Microsoft will be adding AI functionality to Dynamics 365. With AI, you’ll be able to predict outcomes and make better decisions to a subset of Microsoft data combined with customer and third-party data sources. You’ll get immediate, actionable insights which can be embedded into the applications your employees use most frequently.

Making Better Decisions through Built-In Intelligence: A Case Study

JJ Food Service is a UK-based food wholesaler founded in 1988. The company uses Power BI to derive greater insights from its information.

Company representatives say the software gives them a “clear, real-time picture of everything from customer behavior and product success to issues with manufacturers.” Thanks to that knowledge, JJ Foods can offer the right services to customers exactly when they need them. For example, if a product is running low, Power BI advises sales reps what else to offer customers to improve their retention and satisfaction rates.

JJ Foods has succeeded in optimizing its operations to an enormous extent. However, it can always optimize further, and it will leverage Power BI further in the future to do so.

Do You Want to Be a Success Story?

Everyone wants to be a success story. They want action that’s based on accurate, reliable intelligence. How can they do that?

Dynamics 365 is an excellent tool. Its built-in intelligence puts data exactly where you need it and when you need it, so you save time and effort. It’s important to note that Dynamics AX does not feature the same kinds of built-in intelligence, making now the right time to switch from one solution to another.

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