Dynamics 365: Everything You Need, in One Place

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If you’re currently using Microsoft Dynamics AX, you might have noticed that your sales rep has been trying to get you to make the move to Dynamics 365. Maybe you’ve been hesitant to switch – you don’t think you need the features or that the time and effort of upgrading isn’t worth it.

However, making the switch is a worthy investment. Dynamics 365 integrates a number of features into a single platform, reducing your time and effort – read on to learn more.

What Features Does Dynamics 365 Offer?

Dynamics 365 provides users with a rich set of features that make end-users more productive.

For a start, there’s a built-in ERP that comes standard. ERP systems in and of themselves standardize, streamline, and integrate business processes across the entire company, including Finance, HR, procurement, and distribution.

In addition, Dynamics 365 has a CRM module. As with the ERP solution, this is built-in. Thanks to the CRM solution, you can easily centralize your customer information, automate marketing functions, and track sales opportunities.

Dynamics 365 also features a talent management solution. This solution leverages LinkedIn and Office365 to enable HR staff to find the right candidates and quickly bring them onboard. The HR team no longer has to waste time trying and failing to connect with recruiters, and new hires don’t have to spend their first day twiddling their thumbs waiting for access to core applications to be set up.

Moreover, Dynamics 365 has Power BI, IoT management, and mobile apps. Power BI is a self-service analytics solution. Instead of turning to the IT department every time you want to run a query, you can do it yourself through the applications you use every day. IoT is rapidly becoming a potent tool for digital transformation, and Dynamics 365’s IoT connector allows you to connect, manage, and capture data from billions of devices. Additionally, Microsoft developed the Dynamics 365 mobile app that lets users access the solution from any place at any time.

Why Is This So Ground-Breaking?

You might be reading this and say, “Well, that’s great that Dynamics 365 has all of these features, but why is this so earth-shattering? Why do I need to make the switch from Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365?”

The reason Dynamics 365 is so innovative is because it unites all of these features into one place. There’s no more wasting time switching between your CRM and your ERP solution. The information is integrated. You don’t need a separate business application for your HR department – that’s part of Dynamics 365, too. And as IoT grows in popularity, having the management tools to effectively utilize this emerging technology in the same place where you access your core business applications will make things simpler.

Imagine how much more productive your workforce would be. Tasks that previously took the better part of a day (or even longer) can be completed faster than ever. Think of what that would do for your cost savings, too. Moving to Dynamics 365 makes sense (and cents) for your organization.

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