Dynamics 365 for Operations Exam MB6 – 890

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This topic will give some input on passing the MB6-890 exam (Microsoft Dynamics AX Development Introduction).

Exam questions have single choice or multiple choice answers. No other user input is required.

Exam time is 90 minutes. There are about 50 questions.

All questions are based on the course available on the E-Learning portal. Some answers are not explicitly given in the course, but you should be able to solve what the correct answer is. For example, the question might be: Which properties in the string type EDT can be overridden in child EDT? You know that String Size cannot be overridden, so, for example, if the question has 2 correct answers out of 3, you know that the other two are the correct ones.

Module 17 (Introduction to Advanced Topics) is not going to be on the exam.

Most questions refer to X++ code. X++ code questions usually present the code and ask what is the output going to be. Note that X++ in AX 7 is rewritten from scratch and there are some differences from the previous version. For example, you can now declare variables anywhere in the code, not just at the start of the method.

There are also a lot of questions regarding Tables and Data manipulation (select statement keywords, insert, update, delete, relations, and inheritance). See Module 14 (Data retrieval) for select statement keywords.

Next group of questions refer to Forms and Menus (new form patterns, sub-patterns, menu item types).

Last group of questions refer to everything else (TTS, Exceptions, Data types, Security, Architecture). See Module 2 (Architecture), Module 16 (Security architecture) – very important.

You should also pay attention to Best Practices (they are discussed at the end of most modules).

The preparation materials for this exam are in the form of video lessons. You should pay close attention to what the presenter is saying (if he mentioned it, it can show up as a question on the exam).

If you are familiar with development in previous versions of AX, you can skip some lessons as it is more or less the same as in the previous versions.

Preparation guide can be found here.

Dynamics 365 for Operations Help Wiki can be found here

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