Executive Program Mobility and Iot Sessions at D365 / AXUG Summit 2017

Merit Solutions will be supporting two executive sessions at D365UG / AXUG Summit 2017 next week related to enterprise mobility and IoT. If you are attending D365 / AXUG Summit – be sure to join us for these sessions or visit us in booth #410.

Check out our Summit 2017 page for more information.

EXE12 – Mobility: Solutions for Digital Innovation

Date: Wednesday, October 11
Time: 2:45 PM – 3:45 PM
Room: Jackson B

Description: We live in a mobile society. The people that make up your value chains – your employees, suppliers, and clients – want anywhere, anytime and instant access to the tools and information they need to do their jobs (or buy your products). Failing to meet these ever-increasing demands results in higher costs and lower value, negatively impacting profitability and growth. But where and how do you get started? Join us in this session as we discuss common issues to keep in mind as you consider implementing a mobile strategy for your business – and how you can maximize the value of mobilized operations.

EX14 – What is All the Buzz? Introduction to Machine Learning and Data Intelligence

Date: Wednesday, October 11
Time: 2:45 PM – 3:45 PM
Room: Lincoln CDE

Description: If you are one of the many executives anxiously evaluating yet another emerging technology and wondering when you’ll be ready – this session is for you.

Join us as we discuss strategies for embracing IoT and Machine Learning and learn how you can maximize the value of your untapped data. The buzz around employing embedded sensors, wireless connectivity, predictive analytics, and data intelligence is increasing. From manufacturing to healthcare, organizations are generating data that can provide insight into every corner of their business.


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