Going, Going, Gone: When Tech Support for Your ERP Is Ending, It’s Time to Make the Switch

If you type the term “nothing lasts forever” into Google, you’ll get almost 2 million results. There are a number of books that come up and a couple of songs.

While it won’t come up in search results, the phrase “nothing lasts forever” also applies to tech support. Over time, tech support for legacy systems (including ERPs) becomes more and more expensive. Then, the manufacturer stops offering it. If this is the case with your ERP system, the end of tech support is good sign that you should invest in a new system.

Why Do Manufacturers End Tech Support?

There’s one reason why manufacturers bring tech support for products to an end: profitability. At a certain point, it’s more profitable for them to introduce new solutions than to continue supporting old ones.

Maybe technology has developed to the point that it enables the manufacturer to introduce new features. Perhaps the customer base has eroded to the point where it makes no sense to continue offering it. It’s within the manufacturer’s best interest to stay competitive, and selling old software that few people want isn’t the way to do that.

What’s the Big Deal about Tech Support?

You might be reading this and thinking, “Okay, fine, it’s a free country. Manufacturers can stop providing tech support for my ERP system. But that doesn’t mean I can’t keep using it, right?”

Actually, if your tech support is coming to an end, it’s a good sign you need a new ERP system. What happens if there’s a major system glitch, or someone new comes on board to your company and they need help with the ERP system? If there’s no one there to assist you with it, all of your business processes grind to a halt.

What Are the Signs Your Tech Support Is Coming to an End?

There are a few signs to look out for that the support for your ERP system will be ending.

For a start, the ERP manufacturer has sent you emails or letters explicitly stating that tech support for your product will end on a certain date. There’s no sign that’s clearer than that.

Second, the ERP manufacturer has raised the cost of support. In order to make it unappealing to stick with your current ERP system, the manufacturer wants to make it economically unfeasible to do so.

Third, salespeople from the ERP manufacturer have been hovering. They believe there’s an opportunity at your company to purchase a new ERP system, and they want to make sure you buy from them.

And in the End…

Nothing lasts forever, including ERP systems. In order to stay productive, efficient, and competitive, you may need to invest in a new one if you’ve noticed certain red flags. The end of product support is one such red flag.

While you shouldn’t rush into buying a new ERP system, don’t let it wait too long, either. You don’t want the situation to become dire.


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