How Dynamics 365 Can Improve Talent Acquisition in Your Company

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As technology pushes on and makes things easier - both in our private lives and work, it’s easy to lose track of what really makes the world go round: people. Adding talent to your organization is one of the most important aspects of running a business. If your company doesn’t have a standardized procedure of selecting, interviewing, hiring and onboarding newcomers, it risks losing time and missing out on the right people.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a next-generation business platform which provides countless answers to many questions related to business processes, but it also focuses on connecting employers and talent in a way that saves time and optimizes productivity.

Like many other business aspects, human resource management is constantly changing and evolving. Company culture, workforce mobility capabilities and digital transformation are all beginning to play major roles in the minds of employers and employees alike.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the three main principles behind D365 for Talent: hire, engage and inspire. We’ll also touch on how today’s human capital management trends are influencing talent acquisition on a global scale.


The competition for talent in today’s markets is fierce, to say the least. In order to attract skilled people at just the right time, companies’ HR and IT departments now have to work more closely than ever before. Unstructured hiring processes, delayed decisions, lack of adoption and compliance and disconnected candidate experiences are major problems and can slow down and obstruct talent acquisition processes.

Dynamics 365 solves these issues by providing employers with highly integrated tools and real-time information about candidates and their hiring processes. Integration with LinkedIn lets recruiters check out additional information and directly import the top candidates into the system.

With Dynamics 365 Scheduler, you don’t have to worry about the logistics of setting up an interview and making last-minute changes. It’s a seamless and transparent experience that lets you filter the most important criteria any way you want. Precision, granular control and quickness define the first step of bringing someone in with D365.


Once you’re certain you have the right people working with you, your duties as an employer are by no means done. It’s no coincidence that many organizations across the world are now stressing the importance of culture and engagement. In order for someone to be able to do their best for you, they have to have structure and a working atmosphere right from the get-go.

As business success requires talent success, fostering growth and engagement should be the priority for any HR department out there. Talent engagement starts even before day one. Many managers and freshly hired employees complain of incomplete, unstructured onboarding processes, leading to limited access to services and stretches of unproductivity. It takes far more time to get people productive than it should.

In order to ignite employee success, Dynamics 365 for Talent is built to accelerate time-to-impact processes, enable collaborative onboarding and allow users anytime, anywhere access. It enables the hiring manager and HR department visibility into the indicators that are needed to help assess whether a new hire is integrating into the teams and how to react if that’s not the case.

Standardized onboarding processes, unified welcome guides, cross-functional team contributions and ready-to-use resources are all part of an intertwined network Dynamics 365 for Talent uses to ensure everyone is feeling they can contribute straight away.


While it’s true no business software solution can ever tell you how to inspire your organization’s employees, Dynamics 365 for Talent gives you the tools to gauge their performance, personality and ambitions as precisely as possible. Finding the right balance between work and the human side of things can ultimately mean more motivation and better communication. D365 helps HR and IT departments keep track of employee profiles, prevents data silos, enables development opportunities and gives insights about game-changing details.

The real value of any organization lies in its people. Leading, engaging and inspiring become much easier if you have real-time tools to save your time and help you create relevant opportunities for your employees to thrive in. A free-flowing, positive working atmosphere almost always translates into more productivity and high-quality performance. Using Dynamics 365 for Talent and its cloud-based, real-time capabilities, you can integrate any kind of valuable information into your system and make onboarding and hiring processes a much more streamlined experience.

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