Improving Business Processes with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

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Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is an advanced solution with an intuitive, easily navigable user-interface that enables users to run a modern business at a global scale and adapt to almost every perceivable challenge on the market.

This article takes a look at how it can improve specific processes that organizations go through in their day-to-day operations.

Handling financials

Dynamics 365 enables users to manage company financials more efficiently by using insights, advanced reporting, and built-in analytics to come up with contextual recommendations. Using embedded, real-time analytics, organizations can significantly decrease time to value and make decisions faster, giving every employee a clear overview of their role and the company hierarchy – increasing profitability at every turn. The ability to set up and tailor workspaces, charts, dimensions and rules helps you automate business processes and handle budget planning, budget control, encumbrance and three-way matching seamlessly.

Manufacturing just got a lot smarter

We used to think of connected devices and smart facilities as something out of a sci-fi movie, but the future is a lot closer than we thought. Dynamics 365 and Merit Solutions leverage advanced technologies such as IoT, machine learning and advanced data analytics to improve manufacturing processes and make organization as agile as they’ll ever be in a world of unstable markets. Next- generation quality assurance, predictive maintenance, demand forecasting, anomaly insights and automated machine communication are features that make life easier for any manufacturer. Discover how to transform your operations with digital technology and drive extreme efficiency gains here.

The next step in supply chain evolution

A greater overview of supply chain-related processes enables users to save time and resources and act at just the right time, avoiding out-of-stock scenarios. With Dynamics 365 and its cloud capabilities, you can be certain you’ll never lose track of your inventory – procurement and sourcing, production control, warehouse and transportation management, and cost accounting are some of the most important revamped functionalities powered by real-time data and precise value tracking. A centralized supply chain management system such as D365 synchronizes across platforms and devices on its own, so you’ll always have one source of truth to work with. If the system finds there is a process that can be sped up or improved, it will tell you: the Optimization Advisor feature analyzes workflows on its own and gives you recommendations on how to proceed.

Behold the power of the Cloud

It’s already a well-known fact that cloud-based infrastructures and platforms require less resources and time to employ, offer superior capacity, seamless upgrades and incredibly accurate analytics tools. Dynamics 365 is no exception. With it, users can expect automated improvements, new releases and patches as soon as they come out, and reel in hugely advantageous data through a highly connected network of information. The Azure network opens up a world of possibilities: the Internet of Things, Big Data, SharePoint capabilities, mobility solutions and serverless computing are all yours to benefit from. Read more about the almighty cloud platform behind D365 here.

AppSource – the cherry on the cake

While Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations works wonders on its own, specific industries sometimes require customized features for business processes. This is where Microsoft’s AppSource platform comes in. With it, you can download countless applications developed by the Dynamics community all around the world and complement your software with all kinds of features and extensions. Add-on applications such as these can not only be downloaded, but also developed and sold. The strong community nurtured by Microsoft fosters ingenious, future-oriented solutions and makes unique technology available to the rest of the world.

D365 for Finance and Operations will get even more powerful after the October patch release. With newer, constantly evolving business apps and a highly useful set of core functionalities, organizations can improve day-to-day operations simply by implementing it. Learn more about upgrading by clicking here.

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