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High Tech

Improve Innovation and Time-to-Market

There has been a marked shift in the way customers view “good service” in recent years. Everything-as-a-Service is becoming part of the conversation, and this directly affects field service. Today, 73% of consumers say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide good service. However, when you look at field service specifically, 65% of incoming service requests require a field visit – and of those dispatches, 26% require a secondary or follow-up visit. This presents a huge opportunity to fix this problem with better field service capabilities.

When you look at the cost of a field service visit, the ability to whittle away at that 26% secondary visit alone can create an ROI that can validate your investment. And this doesn’t even take into account the enhanced technician productivity and overall customer satisfaction and loyalty – again, all increasing the value of your investment.

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High Tech

Manage the Supply Chain

Work in close coordination with and track and manage your global suppliers and customers.

Insight into the demand signals of your customers, transparency of product and manufacturing data, and visibility outside your internal operations—all so you can make fast and accurate decisions.

Real-time collaboration with suppliers can also help you speed time-to-market and increase the number of innovations in new products.

High Tech

Cut Costs and Time-to-Market

Link your accounting, manufacturing, shipping, and CRM tasks to develop more efficient proposals, to monitor the supply, shipping, and delivery of products, and to reduce wasteful practices.

Expedite time-to-market for new products and upgrades by integrating engineering bills of materials with internal applications.

Identify components and subassemblies already in-house that can be used in new product designs.

High Tech

Manage the Supply Chain

Collaborate on products, processes, and production by using manufacturing and supply chain systems that take advantage of security-enhanced cloud technologies.

Reduce the time it takes to get a concept from engineering to manufacturing by speeding development with collaboration tools and integrating design with manufacturing systems.

Gather customer information, and then integrate it into decisions between design, procurement, manufacturing, suppliers, and customers.

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