Supply Chain Distribution

manufacturing in the digital age

Shrink Operating Costs and Respond Quickly to Demands

Global competition, shorter product life cycles, lean economic conditions, increasing customer demands-these and other challenges put enormous pressures on industrial distributors.

The escalating requirements of large customers present a particular challenge. Demands for lower prices, improved packaging, specific labeling, and tight delivery requirements create tough conditions-especially for any distributor still tied to conventional supply-chain systems and processes. The challenges increase substantially with outdated information technology systems.

A robust, flexible IT infrastructure can help you resolve these issues. These solutions support lean business processes, help you manage outsourcing and the supply chain, and improve customer service.

manufacturing in the digital age

Inventory Management

Manage the Supply Chain

Install a flexible, robust IT environment to create an efficient supply chain that manages integrated contracts and delivers comprehensive service-level commitments.

Take advantage of capabilities that facilitate easy and efficient real-time access to inventory; customer orders; and sales, purchasing, and financial information across multiple locations.

Increase on-time delivery with powerful customer/supplier integration, planning tools, and company-wide inventory visibility.

Improve Branch Operations

Realize a comprehensive view of customer information with an integrated accounting and customer relationship management solution.

Ensure that all supply chain tasks include important information such as quotations, billings, and shipment deadlines.

Tighten delivery schedules by integrating customer requests into business software, and coordinate all aspects of a customer’s profile when multiple personnel are communicating to that customer regularly.

Increase Profitability

Collaborative, tightly integrated systems help you easily identify and eliminate areas of wasted activity and extra resources.

Support for ADC systems assists with lowering costs and improving customer service.

Smart management tools help you identify opportunities for new products and services that can be offered to the customers most likely to need them.

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