Characteristics of an Invaluable Dynamics 365 Business Partner

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Make no mistake, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a powerful business platform that has the potential to give a company the competitive edge it needs in an increasingly demanding marketspace. In making the most of Dynamics 365, an organization can turn to an approved business partner who provides all of the Dynamics 365 platform capabilities including traditional ERP, CRM, BI, IoT and more. Finding the right partner can make the difference between an adequate Dynamics 365 implementation and one that boosts profitability and customer satisfaction both now and in the future.

Whether an organization is new to robust ERP systems or using Dynamics 365 to replace an old one, using an insightful, qualified business partner ensures that the implementation is not just an improvement over old processes, but rather a transformation that streamlines workflows throughout. An ERP implementation becomes more than just a replacement of technology. And it doesn’t stop with the way things get done today. By getting to know a company’s long term strategy, Dynamics 365 partners can design and implement a system to achieve optimal future states.

A qualified partner has a well-defined, repeatable system for implementing Dynamics 365. This process begins with subject matter experts meeting with individual departments to gather information about current states, identifying what works and what doesn’t. This partner knows it is important to gather information and obtain buy-in from the factory floor to the executive table. Working with executives gives the partner the company’s strategic vision, allowing the partner to define future states that can be achieved with the help of Dynamics 365. This future state model of what’s possible with Dynamics 365 is explained in detail, giving the implementation team a clear target.

When should a company look to a partner after implementation? Whenever the competitive industry environment changes. Products that used to be unique and vibrant now appear commonplace due to change factors like low-cost off-shore suppliers. Also, change in technology is a constant, and a company always needs to be prepared. If the partner was consulted during implementation, they can come up to speed quickly to identify what needs to change and how Dynamics 365 will support those changes. The right partner also has years of experience in an industry/vertical to go with their knowledge of Dynamics 365. They can identify what processes have become stale and a liability, while providing a vision to meet the company’s new business strategies.

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