Keys To The Right Mobile Solution

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Done right, the mobile strategy for an ERP system turns every device into a mobile workstation, bringing the power of ERP to the users whenever and wherever they happen to be. An effective mobile solution saves time and boosts productivity in several ways. Not only does it allow users to interact with ERP data remotely, it also increases the employee’s investment in their work by allowing them to interact with that data with whichever device is most preferable to them. The user does not need to interrupt their preferred workflow to switch to a traditional workstation, minimizing downtime. In addition, users can coordinate with other mobile users, creating an on-the-go team that does not need to operate in the same physical location.

With all of these productivity benefits, finding the right mobile strategy is critical. Here’s a few things to consider when searching for the right solution.


A mobile solution must be able to safeguard network resources and to control information whether a mobile device is used in the office or in the field. An organization must be confident that it can distribute an app to employees throughout the company without comprising security in the least. Sensitive ERP data simply demands the best security possible.

Slices of ERP data and functionality

Not usually at the top of everyone’s list of what they think of as benefits of mobile solutions, the ability to hone in on specific ERP data and functionality from mobile devices can be extremely useful. Let’s face it, ERP systems are complicated, even when implemented correctly. Dedicated access to parts of the ERP data and functionality without having to look at the entire system saves time, in some cases, a lot of time.

Account for customizations

Of course, an organization should spend the time to find a robust mobile package that comes with key out-of-the-box functionality. However, a lot of companies have unique, complex workflows that require some customizations. The right mobile package should be able to be customized, which leads us to the next item: consultants.

Find the right consultant

Not only should the consultant be able to customize a mobile package to fit your company’s workflows, they should be able to implement the solution in such a way as to reduce the costs associated with implementation and maintenance.

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