Whitepaper: The Value of Manufacturing Visibility

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In our recent blog, 3 Issues Facing Discrete Manufacturers in Industry 4.0 , we mentioned the importance of high levels of visibility throughout the production process. This topic is being brought up more and more as manufacturers push to capture staggering amounts of data in order to gain a competitive advantage over the rest of the industry.

No matter what data you need gathered or what you plan to use it for – there are countless specialized tools out there for you to choose. The rise of IoT and machine learning has allowed organizations to surface and visualize all kinds of data and the real challenge now lies in the organization’s ability to properly identify key data it needs to collect and the tools that best fit the identified goals.

When preparing for improvement initiatives, clearly defining the metrics that are of crucial value to your organization is necessary for the success of the project. Read our whitepaper on the “Value of Manufacturing Visibility” to read about the four basic metrics every manufacturer should keep track of:

    1. 1. Capacity and availability
    1. 2. Customer demand
    1. 3. Material requirements
    4. Labor requirements

Are you looking to learn more about reasons to consider the implementation of digital transformation initiatives at your organization? Visit our website for more information.

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