Inventory and Warehousing

Gain control and predictability within your supply chain.

Maintain Control of Inventory

and Warehousing Processes

In life science manufacturing, tracking details to a granular level can be critical to the bottom line. You need a digital system that can help track batches and sub-batches of materials as well as the balances, uses, and applications of those materials.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides the foundational inventory and warehousing features life science organizations need. Merit for Life Science advances Dynamics 365 to help manage the operational processes that are instrumental for biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device organizations. 

Shelf Life Management

Tools to ensure quality shelf-life management

Stability Testing


Digitally perform and manage stability monitoring.

Critical Materials Management


Plan, organize, direct, and control the flow of critical materials.

Batch Management

Secure platform for controlled document exchange.

Shelf Life, Expiration, and Re-test 

Gain control over your perishable inventory, minimize the cost associated with expiration write-offs, and proactively test materials approaching their retest date in an automatized way. 

    • Maximize Quality Control (QC) Team Efficiency: Leverage automatic prioritization of quality orders for optimal team utilization
    • Drive QC Focus: Utilize automatic prioritization to direct your QC team’s attention to stability and retest quality orders requiring action
    • Minimize Expired Material Costs: Proactively test materials nearing retest/expiration dates to reduce costs associated with write-offs and disposal
    • Ensure Product Safety: Monitor item stability and efficacy to guarantee safety
    • Maintain Compliance: Ensure adherence to your organization’s SOPs for material stability testing
    • Streamline Test Planning: Automate and streamline the planning process for stability quality testing protocols
    • Centralized Protocols: Integrate stability testing protocols into the master planning document

    Stability Testing

    Manage and ensure the quality conditions of materials – from raw ingredients to end products – every step along the way.

    • Monitor item stability or efficacy for safety reasons 
    • Ensure compliance by following your organizations SOPs for material stability testing 
    • Automatize and streamline stability testing protocols 
    • Effectively manage stability characteristics of APIs 
    • Leverage stability testing protocols included in the master planning 

    Critical Materials Track and Trace

    In regulated industries, traceability is key. Gain visibility of movement and maintain control over the quality of components or finished goods to ensure you meet regulatory compliance requirements and customer expectations. 

    • Monitor materials movement through the operational lifecycle
    • Achieve the tracking granularity levels required for both industry needs and compliance purposes
    • Gain operational responsiveness in case of any material deficiencies, quality issues, recalls, etc.  

     “Merit for Life Science with D365 allows us to better manage
    controlled materials, and ensure availability of materials
    when we need them to meet customer commitments.”

    [Merit Solutions Customer: Privately held, commercial high growth pharmaceutical manufacturer] 

    Batch and Lot Splitting and Genealogy

    Minimize product risk and achieve better process control over upstream and downstream operations.

    • Gain inherent genealogy with sub-batch management 
    • Get improved visibility into parent and sub-batch relationships 
    • Automatically update disposition codes to sub-batches based on parent update 
    • Systematically check related batches on the release of a batch 

    GxP Documents 

    Fundamentally improve the quality and security of your inventory and warehouse documentation. Use cases include:

    • Material inspection records
    • Material COAs
    • Material specifications
    • Batch track and trace records
    • Dispensing records
    • Shipping records
    • Material receipt records
    • Batch Release history


    Inventory and Warehouse Controls Workshop

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