Sourcing, Procurement, Materials & Asset Management

Build a future-proof, FDAready, resilient supply chain. 

Streamline Critical GMP Processes

Gain control over critical GMP processes including vendor management, quality management, and equipment management and stay compliant with ever-changing regulations. 

Vendor & Manufacturer Management 

  • Qualify vendors based on industry protocols 
  • Enforce ordering from qualified vendors only 
  • Avoid supply disruptions of raw materials  
  • Gain visibility into potential risks associated with single sourced GMP materials 
  • Proactively audit GMP material suppliers to ensure industry standards 
  • Automatized systematic and periodic recertification of GMP vendors 

Raw Materials Labeling, Release, and Quality Inspections 

  • Ensure compliance by following your organizations SOPs for incoming raw material testing 
  • Streamline and automatize sampling and testing protocols 
  • Include incoming raw material testing protocols within master planning 
  • Perform investigations across multiple people, facilities, and geographic locations 
  • Ensure sampling rules associated with specific items are followed automatically 
  • Manage quality testing throughout the materials and production lifecycle 

Equipment Management

  • Proactively manage equipment maintenance and calibration to reduce the equipment downtime
  • Monitor equipment to ensure the proper functioning and usage
  • Gain operational responsiveness in case of any equipment deviations
  • Use environmental systems tracking, alerts, and insights
  • Smart building integration

GxP Documents 

Fundamentally improve the quality and security of your inventory and warehouse documentation. Use cases include:

  • Material inspection records
  • Material COAs
  • Material specifications
  • Batch track and trace records
  • Dispensing records
  • Shipping records
  • Material receipt records
  • Batch Release history

Having the procurement controls and vendor performance insights
provided by Merit for Life Science with D365 allows us to eliminate risk and ensure availability of the raw materials needed to support our manufacturing operations.

[Merit Solutions Customer: Privately held, commercial high growth pharmaceutical manufacturer] 


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