How Does Microsoft Dynamics 365 Work with IoT?

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Information is more readily available than ever before. In fact, if you don’t take advantage of that data, your business is at a serious disadvantage. But, how best do you harness this flow of information?

IoT solutions help you rein in all of the data that’s generated by networked devices. Microsoft’s IoT solution makes that information readily available through the tools you use most, such as your ERP and CRM systems. Read on about how Microsoft’s IoT solution makes Dynamics 365 that much more valuable to your organization.

How Does Microsoft’s IoT Solution Work?

Microsoft’s IoT solution not only gives you greater insight into your data, but it helps you leverage it to make better decisions and stay more efficient.

With Microsoft’s IoT solution, you can analyze information generated from your connected devices. This functionality allows you to detect problems before they spiral out of control. In some cases, you can even fix those issues remotely.

There will be times when issues will require an in-person visit fix the problem. When that happens, you want to send the right person with the right tools, the first time. Microsoft’s IoT solution has a schedule optimization, performance indicator, and remote diagnostics features to ensure that the problem can be solved properly in one visit.

Moreover, you can continue using the portable devices with which your team members are already familiar, and the same time, integrate existing assets with Microsoft IoT technologies to make monitoring, maintenance, and field service processes easier.

How Does Microsoft’s IoT Solution Work with Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines a CRM system with an ERP system. There’s also additional functionality, which has won it critical praise. The solution has a field service module that makes scheduling field service visits to your customers simpler. This module connects with Microsoft’s IoT solution.

How does it work? You can see what problems your customers’ devices face, giving you the power to diagnose those issues before they affect your clients. In addition, you can automatically create work orders. When you schedule and dispatch technicians, your field service techs will have the information they need on their portable devices to fix the problem, the first time.

Another feature of Microsoft’s IoT solution and Dynamics 365 is that you can offer just-in-time maintenance and repairs. Your customers will only need to clean or replace parts when they need to, rather than spending more money on scheduled maintenance.

The Benefits of IoT and Microsoft Dynamics 365

Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and its IoT management capability, your customers will experience far less downtime. You’ll be able to provide proactive service so that they can keep their operations running.

When you can offer these types of services, your customers will see you as a trusted partner in their success, not just as another service provider. They know they can count on you to help them achieve their goals, which makes them more likely to recommend you to others.

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