Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Services

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Services plays a role in the choice of and loyalty to a brand for 97% of consumers around the globe,
which makes providing exceptional experiences a customer service imperative.

Intelligent Customer Service

Customer service plays a role in the choice of and loyalty to a brand for 97% of consumers around the globe, which makes providing exceptional experiences a customer service imperative.

At the same time, customer engagement is rapidly evolving: everyone is mobile, everyone is social, people trust opinions from their friends and peers more than they trust brands. And it’s easier than ever to switch to a competitor. It’s a whole new world where the customer has control and power. Having the ability to have a deep understanding of and connect with customers is critical to any company’s business strategy.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service improves each step of the service experience, helping organizations engage customers, empower employees, optimize operations and find new ways to provide value to their customers.

Consistency and Loyalty

Provide the seamless service your customers expect by meeting them where they are with the information they need, every time.

Make Your Agents’ Jobs Easier

Give your agents complete information—in a single customer service software app—to make smart decisions and provide great service.

Get An Adaptive Engine

Respond quickly to customer and market changes within an agile, cloud-based environment that has digital intelligence built in.

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1. Consistent, ​ Omnichannel Engagement

  • Unified Platform – Offer a unified service experience across self-service and assisted service channels’s.
  • 360 Customer View – Understand customer history, preferences and voice of the customer to personalize every interaction.
  •  Personalized Engagement – Leverage insights and resources to create individualized and consistent experiences across channels.
Microsoft_Dynamics_365_Customer_Services_Consistent, ​Omnichannel Engagement

2. Customer Self-Service and ​Peer-to-Peer Service

  • Branded Experience – Provide personalized self-service options that deliver consistent answers, and a community to connect with peers and subject matter experts.
  • Localized & Extensible – Minimize customer effort with targeted, relevant service from anywhere on your brand site or 3rd party site.
  • Contextual- Offer simple navigation to the right answers and resources from any device, including customer escalations to agent support.
Microsoft_Dynamics_365_Dashboard_Customer_Services Customer Self-Service and ​Peer-to-Peer Service

3. Searchable Knowledge Base

  • Unified Content – Deliver the right answers at the right time across all service channels from a single source of truth.
  • 360 Customer View – Capture and author content from social channels, service interactions and experts, then optimize for discovery.
  • Actionable Reports – Eliminate escalations with rich content and a clear path to optimize and grow your knowledge base.
Microsoft_Dynamics_365_Customer_Services_Searchable Knowledge Base

4. Agent Enablement​

  • Role Driven – Drive the next best action through a visual user interface that delivers role tailored experiences for tiered agents and support leads.
  • Intelligent Case Managment – Speed resolution with machine learning and advanced analytics capabilities, and a dynamic interface that guides agents through every interaction.
  • Collaborative – Avoid escalations by harnessing the knowledge of peers and subject matter experts both inside and outside the service organization.
Microsoft_Dynamics_365_Customer_Services_Agent Enablement
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