Microsoft Dynamics 365: What You Need to Know

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an application for businesses that combines CRM and ERP capabilities and other features to break down data silos and make your business more efficient and productive. It runs in the cloud, lowering your total cost of ownership and making it an excellent complement to Microsoft’s other cloud solutions.

Moreover, Dynamics 365 isn’t just for the marketing or finance department – its functionality spans teams across the company. Read on to learn what Dynamics 365 does and what advantages it has over its competitors.

What Features Does Dynamics 365 Have?

Dynamics 365 has a wide range of highly useful features for businesses. There are applications built for the sales, service, finance and operations, talent, and marketing departments.

The sales department can use Dynamics 365’s predictive analytics to better understand what customers will buy next to personalize offers and boost sales. There’s also a retail module that allows users to customize shopping experiences by creating a uni-channel experience.

With Dynamics 365, the service department can improve the way it helps customers by improving their journey through the buying process. A module for the field service team helps schedule proactive maintenance and eases the first-time fix, while the project service automation component makes it easier to deliver projects on-time and on-budget.

Dynamics 365 unites the supply chain with the finance and manufacturing units so you can grow your business faster. For the recruiting team, Dynamics 365 simplifies the on-boarding and engagement processes. Marketers now have more tools at their disposal, thanks to Dynamics 365. In addition, it connects to the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

What Makes Dynamics 365 Better than the Competition?

There are other CRM solutions on the market. There are also other ERP solutions. However, where Microsoft trumps the competition is that it combines both of them in one place. You don’t need to invest in more than one solution, which makes integration significantly easier. Moreover, the combination of ERP and CRM systems breaks down data silos – all of the information you need is in one place.

Moreover, Microsoft has become a significant player in the cloud services realm. It has garnered some of the highest numbers of security certifications in the industry, making Dynamics 365 a reliable and trustworthy service. Of course, if you don’t want a full cloud deployment of Dynamics 365, you have the option of an on-premise deployment (something that not all of Microsoft’s competitors offer).

Another convincing reason is that Microsoft offers depth and breadth of services. Dynamics 365 integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft products, making it easier for you and your team to use familiar tools to get work done.

Everyone wants to work more efficiently and raise productivity levels. Dynamics 365 allows you to do that by combining CRM and ERP solutions. It saves time, effort, and money. Moreover, the sheer number of features makes it excellent value as well as highly useful. Microsoft’s reputation makes Dynamics 365 the reliable and trustworthy choice for your firm.

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