[White Paper] Microsoft Dynamics 365 vs SAP

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Because an ERP system is the vital backbone of the business, an organization needs a solution that provides the necessary functionality, is easy and convenient to use, and enables a competitive advantage. If a company’s ERP system isn’t meeting these goals, it’s time to look for one that will.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SAP are two of the most commonly shortlisted, and ultimately selected, ERP platforms in market today. Today we release our comparison white paper of the two: Microsoft Dynamics 365 vs SAP.

The white paper evaluates the two systems using the most commonly used ERP evaluation criteria as found by the Aberdeen Group. The top five criteria are: Functionality, Ease of Use, Total Cost of Ownership, Must Be An Integrated Suite, and Ease and Speed of Implementation.

Download the white paper: Microsoft Dynamics 365 vs SAP.

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  1. Good comparsion between SAP and D365

  2. Not able to download the white paper

    1. Thank you Rajendra for the notice! We updated our links and the whitepaper is now available for download.

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