Microsoft Dynamics AX vs QAD White Paper

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Is your team evaluating new ERP systems and Microsoft Dynamics AX and QAD are solutions being considered?

We invite you to download our free white paper, Microsoft Dynamics AX vs QAD.

This white paper evaluates the two ERP solutions across a wide range of evaluation criteria, including:

  • Implementation Times: The commonly held belief that QAD is de facto much faster to implement than Microsoft Dynamics AX is no longer valid thanks to AXcelerate.
  • Implementation Costs: One can’t say that QAD will cost less than Microsoft Dynamics AX, or vice versa, in every instance.
  • Ease of Use: Gartner still references user experience as a caution in its assessment of QAD.
  • Business Intelligence: AX provides a breadth and depth of reporting and business intelligence that QAD does not, due to the fact that Microsoft owns its BI tools.
  • Validation: Merit Solutions now provides comparable validation capabilities with Microsoft Dynamics AX and MAXLife Life Sciences ERP.

Register now to download the free white paper: Microsoft Dynamics AX vs QAD.

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