[White Paper] Moving from Microsoft AX to Microsoft Dynamics 365

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If you’re currently using Microsoft Dynamics AX, you might have noticed that your sales rep has been trying to get you to make the move to Dynamics 365. Maybe you’ve been hesitant to switch – you don’t think you need the features or that the time and effort of upgrading isn’t worth it.

However, making the switch is a worthy investment. Dynamics 365 integrates a number of features into a single platform, reducing your time and effort. It offers a massive range of tools and provides businesses with myriad opportunities to optimize their processes, but every organization has individual needs; working out what those needs exactly are before you go live with your new software will help you hit the ground running, and enable your consultant to deliver a Dynamics 365 that best fits your organization.

Download our whitepaper: Moving from Microsoft AX to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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