Optimize Your Supply Chain with Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Everyone wants their goods to move quickly and smoothly through the supply chain. However, many companies experience delays and disruptions. Those delays and disruptions cost you money and hurt your reputation.

Supply chain management solutions enable you to optimize your supply chain so you achieve the success you want. Microsoft Dynamics 365’s ERP system helps you make better decisions to move goods faster and better satisfy customers.

How Does Microsoft Dynamics 365 Work?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s ERP system. It’s based in the cloud and is accessible on mobile devices. One of the functionalities it provides is supply chain management.

Dynamics 365 provides a single pane of glass so that you can see all of your operations at a glance. For many organizations, this is unprecedented visibility into their supply chain. They gain an understanding of exactly what’s going on so they can make better decisions.

What Functionalities Does Microsoft Dynamics 365 Have?

Dynamics 365 allows you to automate a number of processes. For example, you can synchronize logistics across sites, warehouses, and modes of transportation. That makes order fulfillment faster and easier while reducing costs.

You can also automate your order-to-cash process. Your customers get what they want faster, while you get paid sooner – a win-win situation for everyone.

Dynamics 365 enables you to streamline the procurement process, too. You can automate the procurement-to-pay process, which means you reduce costs and gain greater control over procurement.

What Are the Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365?

One of the greatest advantages of Dynamics 365 is that you simplify and consolidate information from a variety of disparate sources. You can see data from your sales processes, suppliers, order fulfillment, product performance, and customer service. All of this information has an impact on how well the supply chain moves.

Dynamics 365’s built-in analytics offers another benefit. It gives you deeper insight into your data so you can make better decisions. Understanding what impact the weather will have on your delivery schedule means you can make changes so that your goods get to customers on time. Analytics can also identify opportunities to expedite orders, so your customers get what they want earlier than expected.

A third advantage of Dynamics 365 is that it works in real time and on mobile devices. You don’t have to be tied to a desk or a computer terminal, and there’s no more waiting for information. Vital information is available immediately, so if there’s a problem, you can solve it before it creates delays.

Finally, Dynamics 365 is part of the Microsoft family. It integrates with other popular Microsoft applications like Outlook and Office. Additionally, Microsoft’s global popularity means that your workforce is most likely quite familiar with it. As such, the learning curve will be lower to use this software because the interface will be something your employees will be used to, and they’ll be able to use tools like Outlook to help them get things done, making them more efficient.

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