Our Leadership Team

Marija Sjenicic

HR Manager

Marija Sjenicic takes care of Merit Solutions’ most important resource – its people. As the Human Resources leader since 2009, Sjenicic has been instrumental in recruiting, hiring, and retaining the diverse group of talent that serves our customers today.

Together with her team, Sjenicic ensures the people of Merit live its mission to help life science organizations do what they do – even better. And even though, as a business, Merit is focused on digitalizing business processes, Sjenicic knows the importance of ensuring the workplace is more connected and more human than ever. Her goal is to create an environment where colleagues can do their best work, helping customers create life-changing, life-saving therapies.

Originally intending to be an English teacher, Sjenicic brings her passion for teaching and learning in new and different ways to Merit, providing universal support to create a close-knit team with geographic diversity. Sjenicic has a bachelor's degree in English Language Literature and a masters’ degree in Human Resources, both from the University of Belgrade.