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Expanded Capabilities for Quality Processes

With the latest updates to Merit for Life Science, you can further transform the way you manage quality processes including deviations, incidences, complains, and their resulting CAPAs.

Move from paper to digital records that improve audit readiness and gain confidence in the controls you have in place.

Merit for Life Science advances Microsoft Dynamics 365 to meet the robust quality and compliance needs of biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device manufacturers.

Quality Incidents and CAPAs

Merit for Life Science advances its streamlined approach to quality incidents to help you more powerfully manage quality management processes and gain the visibility and transparency needed to drive compliance across the organization.

  • Enable more effective corrective action and preventative action prioritization across the entire organization

  • Standardize procedures to ensure vigilance and compliance

  • Leverage the information gathered to optimize processes across the organization

  • Monitor and identify vendor performance trends and report on raw materials quality tests

Your quality processes. Reimagined.

Transformation isn’t easy, but it’s necessary to grow, compete, and stay relevant. Our Catalyst Envisioning Workshops help your organization understand and prepare for disruptive changes that could impact your business and help you realize your most ambitious priorities. Our experts are here to help you solve key challenges such as:

    • Audit trails and E-Signatures
    • Flexible sampling and frequency rules
    • Quality incidents: Complaints, Nonconformances, and Deviations
    • Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPAs)
    • Quality audits
    • Quality planning
    • Stability and re-test quality testing

Quality Audits

Quality audits (both internal process audits and audits of external partners) can be unnecessarily complicated by paper processes. With Merit for Life Science, you can improve efficiency by moving to automated processes for planning and executing your audit programs, and gain new benefits like:

  • Efficient planning and scheduling

  • Data security and confidentiality

  • Actionable, searchable data

  • Centralized and role-based secure access

  • Part 11 compliant audit trails with electronic signatures

Batch Controls

With Merit for Life Science, you gain the tools and controls for managing inventory information related to batches and sub-batches – the foundation needed for effective and compliant supply chain management. You can:

  • Trace batch origination and see the link between parent and sub-batches

  • Control batch releases automatically

  • Maintain fully auditable, end-to-end, track and trace functionality

Envision a More Predictable Supply Chain

One of the biggest hurdles for any organization in predicting and achieving consistent growth is disruption in the supply chain. Our Catalyst Envisioning Workshop for Inventory Controls helps your organization address your priorities when it comes to planning for demand and mitigating supply chain issues. Our experts are here to help you solve key challenges such as:

      • Audit trails and E-Signatures
      • Batch/lot registration and tracking
      • Batch/lot splitting and genealogy
      • Shelf life, expiration, and re-test
      • Finished goods stability
      • Integrated labeling, shipping, and tracking
      • Mobile apps with tailored experiences and voice commands
      • IoT-enabled, environmentally sensitive workrooms, labs, and storage areas

A Platform for Possibility

With Merit Solutions and Microsoft, your business gains a growth-ready digital solution built for life science organizations that require a deeply secure, natively integrated, one data platform – all designed for superior productivity.

You not only get all the capabilities tailored for life science organizations that Merit for Life Science offers, but you get the power of a robust business solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365 which natively works with Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, and Power Platform AI to combine Microsoft, market and third party data to drive business insights, and so much more.

Built for Life Science Organizations

Merit for Life Science advances Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations to deliver an industry-tailored solution that meets the rigorous requirements of bio, pharma, and medical device manufacturers, including quality and compliance, procurement and production controls, materials management, production, and quality and supply chain planning.

Microsoft Teams

Reinvent collaboration with compliance in mind.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Teams make it easier for people in any role or department to connected, communicate, and collaborate on business functions — no matter when, where or how they work. Get ready to connect conversations and collaborate across your organization.

Microsoft Azure

The cloud is the future. The future is now.


Microsoft Azure is the fiber that connects employees, systems, and resources regardless of time zone. Cloud computing unleashes services like PowerApps, Power Automate and Power BI that enable efficiency gains, centralized data and new digital strategies. Moving to the cloud is no small decision, but a planful approach and strategic methodology helps ensure an artful transition.

Microsoft PowerApps

Transforming life science experiences.


For life science companies moving to digital business models, the ability to extend the solution with a low code/no code platform makes it possible to create a myriad of digital experiences for users, decision-makers, patients, providers, and partners with a level of lower spend that was previously not possible.

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