Advanced Lot Management

Adhere to data validation, security and process integrity requirements mandated by the FDA, including 21 CFR Part 11.
Increase quality while maintaining a highly controlled GP environment.
(You are on our Microsoft Dynamics GP Advanced Lot Management Page. If you are interested in Enterprise ERP and Lot Management solutions – check out our Microsoft Dynamics AX Page for more information.) Expand your ability to operate efficiently while controlling restricted materials within Microsoft Dynamics GP Manufacturing. Increase operating control, track all lot information completely, and automatically maintain compliance with FDA requirements. Increase Control
  • Impose material use limits through Expiration Date field.
  • Control Lot Status with the addition of four status assignments: Hold, Approved, Quarantined and Rejected.
  • Manage lot transactions by only allowing use of approved materials in manufacturing and distribution.
  • Enforce rules for specific data choices and tolerances for lot characteristics.
Track Lot Information – Completely
  • Track lot information in key stages of inventory processing such as Manufacturing Order Receipt and Inventory Adjustments.
  • Works with Dynamics GP Inventory—Sales Order, Purchasing Order and Manufacturing Order Processing.
Maintain Compliance – Automatically
  • Advanced Lot Management is configurable to support your company-specific process and compliance rules.
  • Used with the Risk Management Suite, Advanced Lot Management operates in accordance with the requirements of FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

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