MAXLife365 Life Sciences ERP

We help biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical products companies to improve efficiency and use data and insights to work faster and smarter than ever before. That way you can remain focused on researching, developing, and distributing safe products that are improving the lives of millions around the globe with MAXLife365 Life Sciences ERP.

MAXLife365 Life Sciences ERP

Additional Functionality for Microsoft
Dynamics 365


Support for both ISO and 8D Corrective and Preventative Actions. Along with Nonconformance Reports that can be automatically generated from inspections, ISO audits, and customer complaints.

Customer Complaints

Customer complaints is a full featured solution including call-in-scripts to assist customer service. Including complaint rational with investigations and escalation to nonconforming conditions and CAPA. Seamless integration to customers and return orders.

Integrated Auditing

Department and process audits are easily setup by facility and can be scheduled to automatically create planned audits with advanced notifications. Audit plans and audit steps are stored in the audit table and feature integration to nonconformance and corrective actions.

Enhanced Quality Orders

Advanced workflow and tracking ensures Product Testing Protocols are followed with full audit trails and Electronic Signatures.

Sampling Plans to Worldwide Standards

Support for ANSI Z1.4, ISO 2859-1, and NIST Series 6.

Instrument and Tool Calibration Table

Automatic scheduling for preventative maintenance and calibration of instruments by date and use requirements.

Enhanced Electronic Signatures

Extensions to D365 Electronic Signature functions for improved usability and to meet 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.

Approved Vendor Workflow

Apply preventative controls on changes to fields or workflows with an unlimited number of authorized users or groups.

Electronic Batch Records

Electronically manage production batch details including the date, time, raw materials, and employees involved with a batch.

Shelf Life and Retest Management

Track material expiration dates in order to effectively monitor, preserve and protect the quality of products. Proactively manage retest and quarantine.

Change Control for Product Data

Reduce risk by enforcing consistent and harmonized change control procedures for key D365 Product data elements.

Reporting and Graphics

Key indicator reporting including Variable control charting, pareto charting, parts per million analysis, and vendor performance.

Training and Certification Tracking

Train and track employee skills and certifications in order to ensure products are consistently and safely manufactured.

What is MAXLife Life Sciences ERP?

MAXLife extends the core functionality of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and has been a leading ERP solution for FDA regulated companies since its launch in 2009. MAXLife is different than traditional Life Sciences ERP systems because it is:

  • A true enterprise ERP solution without the high price tags of Oracle and SAP.
  • More robust and integrated than smaller scale, startup, or niche ERP systems.
  • Extensible and scalable – accommodating the complexities of commercialization, high growth, M&As, or global expansion.
  • Built to help regulated organizations consistently meet the highest standards for quality.
  • A true enterprise ERP solution without the high price tags of Oracle and SAP.
  • Validation ready and able to be rapidly deployed with less risk and a higher ROI.
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MAXLife365 Life Sciences ERP

Life Sciences organizations relied on
Merit Solutions

MAXLife Rapid365
MAXLife Enterprise

MAXLife Rapid365

Many pre-clinical and late stage Life Sciences companies want to implement a cloud-based, pre-packaged business application that can be rapidly deployed using best practice configurations, process models, reports, and templates. MAXLife Rapid365 enables organizations who are candidates for an out-of-the-box deployment to enjoy a fixed fee, time bound approach to their implementation. Benefits of MAXLife Rapid365 include:
  • A validation ready, enterprise-wide ERP solution that requires less time and spend to implement than the traditional approach.
  • A cloud-based deployment option that does not require building internal IT infrastructure and support resources needed to implement and maintain ERP systems.
  • An integrated and extensible software platform that can accommodate the complexities of a high growth and commercialization. This includes distributed supply chains, complete with contract manufacturers, 3PLs, and more.
  • Reducing organizational risk and increasing customer satisfaction with integrated quality and compliance management capabilities.
  • Systems and processes that are flexible and agile – enabling organizations to adapt, grow, and change as needed.
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MAXLife Enterprise

High growth and global Life Sciences companies planning a digital transformation need robust software capabilities that improve supply chain performance. They also need to streamline processes to encourage more efficient and effective operations. MAXLife Enterprise is designed for more complex, global software deployments and begins with our Business Transformation Mapping offering. Benefits of MAXLife Enterprise include:
  • Identifying where processes can be streamlined, optimized, automated, or removed completely to improve efficiency and effectiveness, drive speed and agility, and maximize profitability.
  • A validation ready, enterprise-wide ERP solution that requires less time and spend to implement than Tier 1 ERP systems.
  • Breaking down cultural and geographic barriers and getting people working together in an efficient manner with a globally integrated ERP system.
  • Reducing organizational risk and increasing customer satisfaction with integrated quality and compliance management capabilities.
  • Empowering people throughout the organization with insight to plan more effectively, align with strategic initiatives and growth goals, and make faster, more informed decisions.
Watch this short video to see how Business Transformation Mapping guides our clients to successful ERP investments.
MAXLife365 Life Sciences ERP

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Life Sciences organizations wanting to implement industry-specific enterprise ERP systems and processes with fewer internal resources and a faster timeline should consider MAXLife to:

  • Enhance and Streamline Compliance
  • Improve Quality Processes
  • Increase Visibility and Collaboration
  • Reduce Risks and Lower Costs
  • Transform Your Business
  • Increase productivity and efficiency by removing manual, paper-based quality processes.
  • Reduce manual processing and operating costs with electronic document management and batch record capabilities.
  • Standardize operating procedures and ensure that efficient and consistent actions are carried out.
  • Remove manual, paper-based processes to reduce errors and data delays .
  • Streamline and automate quality processes to correct and prevent issues, measure outcomes, and continuously monitor the system.
  • Improve brand loyalty and customer satisfaction by continuously improving quality and responding quickly to potential incidents.
  • Provide easy-to-use tools with a familiar user interface that quickly connects people and processes across the value chain – enabling them to work faster.
  • Improve decision making by integrating insight from increasingly dispersed manufacturing, supply, and distribution networks.
  • Reduce exposure to risks by increasing visibility into – and timely awareness of – changes, delays, or unexpected events.
  • Increase productivity and efficiency by simplifying and automating common tasks.
  • Remove manual, paper-based processes to reduce staffing and operating costs.
  • Facilitate the standardization of data and the optimization of processes and value across your supply chain, back office, and managerial processes.
  • Monitor performance, enabling you to attain new business strategies and achieve profitable growth.
  • Improve brand loyalty and customer satisfaction by continuously improving quality and responding quickly to potential incidents.

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