Rapid365 ®

Organizations able to adopt pre-configured systems and processes can get up and running with
Microsoft Dynamics 365 with up to 50% less time, risk, and spend.

Rapid365 ® - Intelligent manufacturing

From Legacy Systems to Microsoft
Dynamics 365 in Less than 4 Months

Designed for organizations that are able to adopt pre-configured systems and processes, Rapid365 ® enables companies to get up and running with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations within four months – compared to the 12-18 months of traditional implementations.

Rapid365 ® services include pre-built business process models, best practice configurations, implementation and data migration templates, training documentation, reporting and standard customizations – creating a preconfigured solution that can be “dropped in” with standard configurations or used as an “accelerator” for global deployments.

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Rapid365 ® - Intelligent manufacturing

Features of Rapid365 ®

Pre-Built Process Models

Speed deployments and optimize business processes with a library of pre-built process models that best work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 functionality.

Visualize and Manage Business Processes

Speed deployments and optimize business processes with a library of pre-built process models that best work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 functionality.

Best Practices Configuration

Deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365 using pre-built system configurations that align with industry best practices.

Report Formatting

Take advantage of improved out-of-the-box report designs for the standard business reports most used by Microsoft Dynamics 365 clients.

Detailed Training Materials

Speed employee training with pre-built training manuals, step-by-step guided instructions, and on-demand tutorials for using Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Data Migration Templates

Facilitate the data migration process and speed implementation timelines by utilizing standardized data import templates.

What is Rapid365 ®?​

Companies that are a candidate for Rapid365 ® and buy into using its best practices approach can cut significant time and money from their implementations – often times up to 40% – because Rapid365℠ offers:

  • A cloud-based deployment that does not require building internal IT infrastructure and support resources needed to implement and maintain ERP systems.
  • A pre-configured system and best practice templates – dramatically reducing the complexity of the ERP implementation.
  • Robust and complete documentation – making implementation, user adoption, and training simpler, cheaper, and quicker.
  • Systems and processes that are flexible and agile – enabling organizations to adapt, grow, and change as needed.

Clients that are not a candidate for this full out-of-the-box, pre-configured approach can still leverage Rapid365 ®’s best practices in areas of the business – while other areas can deploy more uniquely configured functionalities and processes.

Rapid365 ® - Intelligent manufacturing

Are You a Fit For RAPID365 ®?

Rapid365℠ is not a great fit for all organizations. However, organizations should consider Rapid365 ® if any of the following characteristics are true:

  • Fairly simple pre-existing business processes.
  • Willing to adapt business processes to a best practices approach.
  • Do not have resources for a traditional 12 month ERP deployment.
  • Little to no internal IT staff.
  • For global organizations, deploying in a single geographic location.

Rapid365 ® is based on Microsoft’s most advanced and feature-rich ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Gartner, Inc. has named Microsoft Dynamics AX (now Microsoft Dynamics 365) a “Leader” in its ERP Magic Quadrant, and Nucleus Research has found that Microsoft Dynamics AX customers achieve returns in areas of increased visibility, increased productivity, and reduced costs.

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Are You a Fit For RAPID365®?

Rapid365 ® - Intelligent manufacturing

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