Rapid365® for Intelligent

An era of systems of intelligence will transform the manufacturing industry and only digital businesses
will prosper. 
Get there with a faster ROI with Rapid365® for Intelligent Manufacturing.

Rapid365® for Intelligent Manufacturing enables faster ROI while still affording manufacturers the ability to scale, add on features / functionality, and innovate as needed.

Pre-Built, Pre-Tested Configurations

Plug-n-play system configurations & data templates that reflect Merit Solutions' 20 years of client success deploying Microsoft Dynamics for manufacturers.

Task Guides for Training

Speed employee training with pre-built task guides and step-by-step guided instructions for pre-defined manufacturing processes.

Business Process Model Library

Speed deployments and optimize business processes with a library of pre-built process models that standardize business processes.

Streamlined Methodology

Implementation methodology focuses on pre-configured Dynamics 365 processes with emphasis on Key User involvement, workshops, and user training.

Rapid365® For Intelligent Manufacturing Features

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the leading cloud technology platform designed for medium to global manufacturing organizations. With Rapid365® for Intelligent Manufacturing, companies can get up and running with up to 50% less time and spend. 

Rapid365® for Intelligent Manufacturing extends Rapid365® for Finance by provide core manufacturing capabilities, including:


More quickly migrate and configure your Products, Bill of Materials (BOMs), and Formulas.

Inventory Management

Enjoy pre-configured Journals, Costing Sheets, Batch / Serial tracking, and multi-site / multi-warehouse features.


Rapidly deploy Production Orders, Routes, Resources, and Outsourced Operations.

Manufacturing Resource Planning

Benefit from pre-configured Items Coverage Setup and Planned Orders for when Demand exceeds Supply.

Warehouse Management

Order Picking, PO Receiving, Cycle Counting and Physical Counting are all set up out of the box.

Sales and Marketing

Speed sales readiness with Sales and Return Orders, Prices and Discount Journals, Sales Agreements and Taxes.

From Legacy Systems to Microsoft
Dynamics 365 in Less than 4 Months

Designed for organizations that are able to adopt pre-configured systems and processes, Rapid365 ® enables companies to get up and running with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations within four months – compared to the 12-18 months of traditional implementations.

Rapid365 ® services include pre-built business process models, best practice configurations, implementation and data migration templates, training documentation, reporting and standard customizations – creating a preconfigured solution that can be “dropped in” with standard configurations or used as an “accelerator” for global deployments.

What is Rapid365 ®

Companies that are a candidate for Rapid365 ® and buy into using its best practices approach can cut significant time and money from their implementations – often times up to 40% – because Rapid365℠ offers:

  • A cloud-based deployment that does not require building internal IT infrastructure and support resources needed to implement and maintain ERP systems.
  • A pre-configured system and best practice templates – dramatically reducing the complexity of the ERP implementation.
  • Robust and complete documentation – making implementation, user adoption, and training simpler, cheaper, and quicker.
  • Systems and processes that are flexible and agile – enabling organizations to adapt, grow, and change as needed.

Clients that are not a candidate for this full out-of-the-box, pre-configured approach can still leverage Rapid365 ®’s best practices in areas of the business – while other areas can deploy more uniquely configured functionalities and processes.


Better meet the needs of your customers
and capture new opportunities.​

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