Life Sciences eBook: 6 Ways to Thrive in a Digital Future

In this white paper, we explore some of the common requirements of ERP for biotech, medical device, pharmaceutical, and other life sciences organizations- including Track and Trace, Electronic Signatures, Effectivity Dates, Quality Management Systems, Document Management, and ERP Validation.


It goes without saying that every business that intends to grow needs an ERP system that provides a framework for business processes and insight into costs, results and performance. For companies in some industries, almost any ERP system will probably work fine. But because of the highly regulated nature of their industry, Life Sciences companies have special requirements they need to consider when selecting an ERP system.

Too often, Life Sciences companies don’t realize that not all ERP systems are the same. Companies in this industry need an ERP solution that meets all their unique business needs and that can also help them to reduce the risk of non-compliance with government regulations. At a minimum, an ERP system in Life Sciences should have strong support for crucial industry specific needs that allow the company to meet its regulatory compliance obligation without adding burdensome manual processes that add unnecessary costs.


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